Still, Stuck on Stupid

How is that working out for ya? And yet there you are still, stuck on stupid.

This is a real topic, by the way. This is a real issue and a real pain in the posterior region. (yes: the ass)

How often, if you were brutally honest with yourself, do you find yourself repeating or allowing to continue, what is obviously not achieving the desired result?

We all do this at least occasionally.

As I take stock and think back to the different occasions that I have witnessed this phenomenon (that is actually the definition of insanity according to Albert Einstein “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”) I find that the number one reason that this is done is to protect someone’s feelings.

Still, Stuck on Stupid

Be it big business or small, professionally or personally; most people try at least to some degree to “get along”.

What happens if you do not repeat this mind-boggling-go-nowhere-bound-to-fail-again insanity?

You are seen and often referred to as “a hard ass”, “heartless”, “close-minded” or the one I am most familiar with, “bitch”.

This actually leaves me speechless. Especially when it comes from one who has seen these same results, from the same action, at least as often as I have.

At best, I can roll my eyes, adjust my schedule and wait for the insanity to end again. At worst, it is an exhausting argument that takes more time, more effort and more heartbreak than it is worth in the end.

Still, Stuck on Stupid

We see a problem and walk by it.

We hear a cry and turn the music up.

We witness an effort and ignore it.

We are faced with opposition and close our hearts.

We are asked for help and are too busy doing nothing.

Still, Stuck on Stupid

People, even children, are hungry, afraid and alone. Some, are not pretty, they are not young and they are not bold. People who are trying, crying and dying and we are told. A handful of us will take a day, a week, maybe three. Then the shoulder we turn can be called nothing but cold…

Still, Stuck on Stupid

The trail was rough, so we quit.

The concept was new, so we stopped listening.

The wait was long, so we lost faith.

The answer is no, we stopped asking.

The words offended, so we retaliated in kind.

Still, Stuck on Stupid

It is everywhere. It hurts us, as a whole. Yes, even here in Chisana so far away from the rush and hurry. Where you can hear the roar of Nature herself once you adjust to the quiet. Each time, the word comes and the world itself bleeds.

The Trainees are younger and more inexperienced. But so are the Big Game Hunters. The clients are dismissive and disrespectful. But so are so many of the new guides, Assistant and Registered alike.

Still, Stuck on Stupid

Where are the honor and the integrity? Did it ever exist in more than only a few? Where are the loyalty and the honesty? Where are the compassionate and kind?

So. The ones who are comfortable in their spots of stupid may throw their lies and spread their own discontent. They will not find refuge or roots here. They will find no fuel.

We offer only the best. We offer you the beauty of the last frontier, unchanged and open. We offer only kindness and truth. We offer with open hearts and generosity to the world so that everyone might see, hear and learn. We offer this so that eventually we might all see, hear and learn; from each other.



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3 Responses to Still, Stuck on Stupid

  1. Sadly my problem is sometimes I like being stuck – it takes a less effort. – I will work on this in 2015

    • Jon,
      You are certainly and beyond any doubt, not the only one. It is easier. It is what we know and have become accustomed to.
      We all, to some degree or another, need to work on this… while still holding onto our compassion and fearlessness.
      Together, we can!
      Thanks for stopping in today!
      ~ Amber-Lee, aka Alaska Chick

  2. Yup..guilty myself at times..sigh..Hopefully not as often as I think, and mostly to my self in my own today..sigh…..again..sigh….

    By the way the 2nd video won’t open..Itsaid blocked because of content in this country by SME?? Stupid?

    As Always

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