A Story of Gratitude, Love and Enormous Power

How many people do you know?

Have you ever thought about it?

How many people are you connected to through Social Media channels?

I am connected to thousands of people through Social Media. It is one of the most incredible blessings to my life.

This post is a story of gratitude, love and enormous power.

Story of Gratitude

There is and has been in the four years that we have been fully involved in Social Media so much talk about how the connections made online and through Social Media are not real. There has even been much discussion about how it is all business and the bottom line is always the ROI (return on investment).

A Story of Gratitude, Love and Enormous Power

First, I want you to know that while Alaska Chick’s Blog is first and foremost a real-time account of our lives here in Chisana and our business as Pioneer Outfitters, as I am often called precocious, I feel no shame in using this (mine, mine, mine!) blog to also share with you all of the wonders, worries, joys and discoveries that I make in simply living, learning and growing throughout this life.

You are one of the greatest blessings in my world. 

The Stand for the Man in Black fundraiser is in dire need of your support, love and attention. We have been incredibly blessed with contributions from close family and friends from all over the world. We have felt the support from acquaintances and from strangers who heard our call.

Others, like Betsy Cross, a gifted artist and writer who has offered her own works of art from photos by our own Rob’s (Teiorahkwathe Rob Lahache) photographs to benefit the #Stand4theManinBlack fundraiser.

Kari Triplett, introduced to us by Missy Kirkpatrick a very dear friend, set up an Arbonne (botanically based beauty, health and wellness products) online party and page on Face Book to benefit #Stand4theManinBlack. Kari spent untold hours working on this benefit and became as dear to me as any long time friend could be.

Such great and special people have reached out to us in support by sharing over and over again the messages we post about the #Stand4theManinBlack fundraiser waiting and watching for the much hoped for survival of the family, business and community that they have chosen to stand for.

Story of Gratitude

The incredible generosity of Jayme Soulati standing beside me and helping me keep everything straight as I approached the launch of the fundraiser. Later, Jayme also wrote a post for #Stand4theManinBlack titled Using Indiegogo To Achieve Business Goals.

An amazing human I am completely and utterly honored to call friend is Marjorie Clayman. She is, beyond any doubt, one of the kindest, sharpest most generous and caring people I have met in my entire life. She has been right beside us every single step of the way as well, sharing #Stand4theManinBlack across the Social Media channels every week since we began. She also wrote a post I hope you saw, Your Chance to Make a Difference -#Stand4theManinBlack.

What humbles me is that Mike Henry, the Chief Instigator at the Lead Change Group contacted me after I cancelled my subscription to ask why. I explained in all honesty that there simply was not enough of me to go around and I was deeply involved with both Pioneer Outfitters as well as the Stand for the Man in Black Fundraiser. At that time I was also a part of the #bealeader Community. I simply could not give to them what they deserved from me: my time, attention and experiences. Do you know what Mike Henry said to me when I explained my reasons? He asked me how he could help. It was just that simple. Mike Henry wrote Help Pioneer Outfitters Alaska and helped broadcast it and other posts regarding the fundraiser effort.

A Story of Gratitude, Love and Enormous Power

There are so many people helping us to get the word out into the world. Ann Jane and Michael Peklar, Brian Wrabley, Michael Arnold, Ameena Gorton, Jim and Sandi Thielen, Glen Catt, Alli Polin and Angela Daffron… and oh, so many more; always there, always sharing always hoping and praying along with us.

We are still far too short of our goal to give up. By now, most if not all of you know I am incapable of that anyways, so we are just going to have to figure out together what I am missing. I refuse to fail in this, people.

I have a burning need, to be brutally honest and transparent, as we like to say here online – to make a difference to the one person who has always made a difference to others.

To make a wondrous difference to someone who has time and again put his own life at risk to help and save others.

To do something unfathomable to someone who would do what he has done for perfect strangers.

STory of Gratitude

This is the enormous power I speak of.

The power people have when they come together to do something good and right.

We need to reach everyone.

We do not need a contribution of hundred or thousands of dollars from a few.

We need thousands of contributions of $1., $5., $10.!

Just imagine for a moment if each person were to share this call to stand together and contribute only $15.  We not only would reach our goal of $250,000.00 but  to allow the world to experience along with us the enormous power we have standing together.

We need people to see the Man in Black, to know the Man in Black and to hear the Man in Black.

We need those thousands of people to understand that they too are so very important to us, important that they stand with us and that they know beyond anything else that their contribution, their own $1 contribution is the one that matters.

To know that as they choose to Stand for the Man in Black, we choose also to stand with them.

Bringing us that much closer to being one family, standing together.

We each are connected to one another and this matters. It matters that we help one another and know that each helping hand is irreplaceable. It matters. You matter. We matter. The good the Man in Black does for anyone needing assistance, matters.

I believe in the friendships I have been offered, helping hands, the wisdom and advice, guidance, the beautiful kindness across the world that has been bestowed upon us all since I started my social media journey. So many people have touched my heart and changed me.

Please help me Stand for the Man in Black. Please spread the word of our need for help to your own communities.

Please know us. Read our story; please come to know us and our need for you to be that hand we reach out to.

Please help me Stand for the Man in Black.

A Story of Gratitude


To find out more about the Stand for the Man in Black fundraiser please see it all:

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  1. As wonderful as social media is, my gut is saying go bigger….if you haven’t already. Send a cd of your story to the big guys – whoever comes to your mind. Ask for the big contributions. There’s everything to get by going for the many small and the few large donations. Just my opinion.

  2. Sharing..Sharing!!!!! Great write up by the way..keep them coming!! We..You..WILL get to the goal!!!
    As Always

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