Suddenly Sunday: Alaskan Leadership

HELLO THE HOUSE!” (Proper greeting when approaching a cabin in the wilderness… this helps especially during the winter’s dark, to ensure you are not mistaken for a critter!)

Alaskan LeadershipIt is Sunday and we are going to talk a little bit about Alaskan Leadership. To #bealeader, to be a Professional Alaska Guide, to be a parent to two young humans living in the wilds of Alaska; a good leader is someone who remembers all the lessons of the past but stays, always, in the right now.

Alaska Chick’s Blog is the window into Chisana that we here at Pioneer Outfitters have created to allow people to see and know us in a very personal way.

Leadership is the role each and every Professional Guide must embrace, learn and refine endlessly.

Leadership, as defined in the dictionary, is the activity of leading a group of people.

Guiding, as defined in the dictionary, is the activity of leading, directing or advising people.

As a Professional Alaska Guide and the Lead Trainer for the Survival & Guide Training program it is my job to communicate, motivate and provide the skills to take people into the raw and untouched wilderness of Alaska in one of the most remote areas, over some of the most challenging terrain, safely and successfully reaching the dream that brought them to us.

Leadership is not a title, it is not a license and rarely is it a characteristic that is born out of thin air. Most often, the Guide Trainees that aspire to become Big Game and Wilderness Guides have common characteristics similar to one another.

Integrity. Commitment. Loyalty. Creative. Adventurous. Respectful. Physically fit. Motivated.

Alaskan Leadership

These characteristics are part of the core values that to #bealeader, to be a Professional Guide, allow us to train (endlessly), learn (endlessly), prepare and react to whatever issue life throws our way. From a question about the legalities of hunting big game in the National Park to being able to lead a string of horses with inexperienced riders into the wilderness safely, having the knowledge and skills necessary is part of our lives, everyday.

To me, leadership has always meant being able to see, foresee and react without hesitation. The leader has a plan, a plan B and the leader is the one that takes away the thought of quitting or giving up. The leader is the one that knows what he or she is doing is the right thing, and shares that feeling and the results with all that follow.

The leader is the Grizzly’s roar when a wolf howls. The leader is the one that sees you are cold, tired or in pain and knows how to warm, refresh or relieve you. The leader is the one that steps forward when there is danger or worries and steps back as the dream unfolds.

After more than 20 years, I can stand (well, actually, I am sitting) in front of you and say that Pioneer Outfitters are leaders. Pioneer Outfitters represents (and lives every day) a way of life and living with thought and genuine caring for others that cannot be argued. It isn’t just a job, it matters. We have a part in making dreams come true. Could it matter more?

Join us, in Chisana for an Adventure of a lifetime. Do you have a dream of Alaska? Allow us to lead the way, at your side, ensuring your safety and sharing with you the memories that will last forever.

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6 Responses to Suddenly Sunday: Alaskan Leadership

  1. The Love of Pioneer Outfitters, your work, your home, ALL you do, shines from your Heart and Soul in your writing, Sharing eveything, both good and -40*!
    How anyone could not get the twinge, the want to come and see and experience it all is beyond me. I so know I’d have to be pushed bodily, into the plane to leave! LOL…I would Not be laughing though.

    As Always ~*~

    • Ann,
      I promise I will show you ALL of my hiding places before it is time to put on on a plane back! LOL, Thank you for always being here… in spirit, until you are here for real…

  2. This was just an awesome post, Amber! : )

    This mindset can be applied to any activity taking place on the planet that is productive and progressively moving forward.

    Something or someone is leading the movement… Alaska has some great leaders!

    Cheers, Amber!

    • Thank you Mark!
      I dearly hope to be part of that movement… forward, in the right way.

      Alaska does have some of those great leaders and leaders are grown, on purpose, I believe.

      Leadership is something that some people have inside them from birth but it also comes from facing your fears, learning and sharing those lessons with others. It is something we talk about (a LOT) and act accordingly as living examples of our craft.

      Thanks for being here, Mark.

  3. Love the line, “The leader is the one that steps forward when there is danger or worries and steps back as the dream unfolds.” Christine

    • Thanks, Christine.

      But we know, that the leaders we most love are the ones that stand for the dream, the passion… the people. The one that is there, when you need them for big or small… and the one that knows that a leader isn’t a leader if no one is following. (Right?)

      Thank you for being here.

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