Suddenly Sunday: Guide Training

Over the last few years, Pioneer Outfitters Survival & Guide Training has become known and grown with the highly selective approval of the state of Alaska. As we have grown, the age of the Trainees granted entrance to our hands-on program has dropped dramatically.

Guide Training

As we grow, learn and adjust to the needs of the young men and women who wish to join the ranks of Professional Guides, and as I find myself so much more aware and sensitive to their needs, I too, have grown.

For many of these young men and women, this is their first step away from childhood, and into a world that relies on them to be our own future leaders, Guides, if you will.

So. You may wonder how and why I decided to bring up our Alaska Guide Trainees and Guide Training for a Suddenly Sunday post.

Guide Training

I wanted the chance to share with you all, how important these people have been and are to my own life, growth and happiness. Sunday is a day of rest, a day of introspection and for some, a day of prayer.

Over the years that I have been directly and intensely involved with the training of Pioneer Outfitters Alaska Guide Trainees, I have experienced and gained as much if not even more from each of them as they have hopefully received from me. They are the instigators of some of the most amazing gifts and blessings I have experienced.

Guide TrainingThey have kept me on my toes, forcing me to explore and strengthen my own knowledge, creativity and resourcefulness. Guide training, at it’s finest.

With their own contagious enthusiasm, I find that I am more enthusiastic myself, excited about the most simple of chores and outings.

Their own sensitivity and appreciation fro their own Guide Training has helped me develop and grow my own patience and kindness. Their simple presence has brought me to a stillness and level of relaxation I had never known before them.

Guide Training

At the same time, as I feel all these wonderful gifts become part of who I am, they have made me stronger. Powerful, even. They believe in me. They trust me and count on me. Knowing that, understanding that they, themselves, look to me, has made my resolve all that much stronger.

To learn more, to strengthen my own skills and character to live every moment with the goal in mind, to be all who they look to me to be. To stay the path and to walk the talk. On the clock and off. To conquer my own fears and weaknesses, to learn to use them and not fear them or hide from them.

Guide Training

So. Today I am grateful. For being part of one of the best Teams that can be achieved anywhere, ever. Thank you, each and every one of you.

Have you experienced gifts and blessings from something, somewhere, someone; you never expected to receive them from? Will you share them with me, with us?

I hope you will. We need to know one another, connect with one another, I believe, to grow into what we all hope, dream and pray for. This may be the day. This may be the post. If not, I won’t give up. I won’t give up on you and I won’t stop learning and growing in hopes that someday we, you and I, will also connect.

Guide Training
Rest in Peace Leo.
April 20, 2013

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5 Responses to Suddenly Sunday: Guide Training

  1. Great blog! Makes me want to drop everything and sign up! If I was 20 years younger that is! Really great stuff you guys are doing, you exude your passion in every word!

    • Brian,
      Thank you. LOL…better ask permission first!
      I am so looking forward to hugging you both someday soon! The passion is easy, Brian. The boys tease me all the time, they say I write just like I talk. huh. I just want to share it with people who want to feel it.
      Thank you for being here, however you can.
      ~ Amber-Lee

  2. Special people who had a very Special Leader. How could they lose?
    I’m with Brian..if I was 35! years younger. :)

    As Always ~*~

  3. Nice Blog Amber , However you cant read what it says on the picture with Terry, Kaleb and Wes , I do agree that we learn something everyday from somebody no matter who you are ,what you do or how old you are, or the amount of expierance you have that improves our lives or helps us make changes in our lives. the young people of today are certainly different from when we grew up and so is the world ,and you really have to take time to appreciate them, Not all kids have the same ambition that the young men and women who come out there to train have , You have some imagainative,life loving Guys out there who love everything about what they do there I had an amazing time getting to know them and spending my days and dinner with all of you , they try hard to make Pioneer Outfitters the dream that you and Terry,and all of your viewers and clients are expecting to see when they arrive , good bad or indifferent we can all learn something from everyone everyday , open minds an accepentance create an amazing TEAM . Love you all , thinking I need to come back !!! I really did like this blog, hope my comment was not off subject .I enjoy the younger generation so much they have brought alot of good memories too, and really opened my eyes to alot of new ways to look at all kinds of things . Ha, ha ha gotta love em !!

    • Missy,
      Not off topic at all! (And I changed the wording on the pic! You are NOT the first to tell me that!)
      We can learn every day! The trick is learning what is available, whether you want to, agree, or whether it is learning something “good” verses also learning what NOT to do. The ambition thing… it still creates a dead space in my brain that triggers a need to grab a pointy stick. We need you back, too, Missy and you’ll always be wanted (and needed) whenever you can come!
      ~ Amber-Lee

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