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How To Have the Summer Vacation of Your Dreams

Aren’t you tired of… well, being tired, uninspired and completely unmotivated after your long awaited summer vacation comes to an end? Tired of wanting so deeply, needing that vacation of your dreams? Too many people return home after their own vacations and within days at the most, feel as if they had never even taken a break.

They experienced so little that could inspire them and nothing to refresh their minds, bodies or souls. The rest they so deeply hoped for was elusive and most often every hope and intention of experiencing something different, something special, was crushed by dozens if not hundreds of others after the same thing. Knowing this, I have to, am driven to let you know that the vacation of your dreams awaits.

Social Media is a grand thing, but it is also a tricky beast to use properly. All that keeps going around and around in my mind is that somehow, for some special reason, I found this amazing place and enormous space and it is exactly where and what thousands of people are searching for. Somehow, I must let you know. Some way, I must help you find and have that summer vacation of your dreams.

The Vacation of Your Dreams

Deep inside the magnificent and grand Wrangell Mountains of Alaska is a place that was the site of the last historic gold rush. Incredibly brutal and briefly the largest log cabin settlement of Alaska, Chisana is the gateway to the summer vacation of your dreams.

A short flight through the rugged Wrangell Mountains of Interior Alaska will bring you right onto our airstrip, surrounded by the ancient and untouched wilderness. A welcoming atmosphere and lovely home baked scents are the first impressions you will recall as you enter the Lodge.

Greetings are called out, warm handshakes and laughter are the music inside the Lodge as other guests introduce themselves and share where they have traveled from with you.

The Vacation of Your Dreams

One of us will escort you to your cabin and point out the different areas you will enjoy (like the corrals where the horses are, the sauna and shower house) so that after you settle in a bit and make sure your gear is all accounted for, you can meet us back down at the barn to be fitted to your saddle.

We will all gather together for dinner, after our paperwork is finished and all of our gear and groceries are sorted out, and have a relaxing evening of getting to know each other just a bit out at the bonfire before getting a good night’s rest to begin our Adventure together the following morning.

After breakfast the next morning, we will load the packhorses and saddle our horses, all while enjoying the excitement and anticipation builds around us. Waving and laughing, we will ride out, each group our separate ways; the Adventure has begun.

The Vacation of Your Dreams

Depending on the direction we ride, from only minutes to less than an hour, we will be away from any mark of man. It is hard to believe as we ride up the creeks, across the tundra, through the mountain passes or just inside of the tree line; that anyone has ever been here before this exact moment.

The wilderness surrounds us, as far as one can see, in the rolling lay of the land and jagged mountainsides. Mountain Grizzly bears lumbering along, maybe with this year’s little cub or two, stopping to dig for a ground squirrel or to roll around in the grasses, swatting at a pretty blue butterfly. Enormous Alaska-Yukon Moose, Black bears, Dall sheep and Timber Wolves are all here, living and roaming, just as we are and the possibility of spotting them and getting photographs is always a focus in mind.

We may have a roving camp and set up a new camp each night or every couple of days or we may have one camp we ride out from and return to each day. We will set up camp in short order: a fire roaring, our tents set up and stretched, dinner started and the horses all unloaded, belled and hobbled.

As our first day winds down, the peace of the wilderness finally touches you as the excitement finally begins to find its balance; you are truly here.

The Vacation of Your Dreams

The summer vacation of your dreams is a reality. It is only waiting for you to discover it, as we are waiting to welcome you.


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