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Social Media Madness and Mayhem

Astoundingly motivated and inspired, I admit to being a Social Media believer and more. There is very little about SoMe (Social Media) that doesn’t utterly thrill me.

Well, there is this one thing. I call it Social Media Madness and Mayhem. It is this Madness and Mayhem that holds us all back. Some days, it is like waking up back in high school! Gossip, cliques, back-biting, jealousy, thievery and plain old BS.

“How can she say she loves Social if she can say all that?!” ~ You may be thinking.

What I said stands true for the simple fact that I have learned to see what is really there. The illusion is nifty for movie night, but all in all, reality is a beautiful thing. Reality always grants such fascinating and amazing potential.

Social Media Madness

Many of you already know what I do, where I do it and how I feel about it. Just in case you don’t; I am a Professional Alaska Guide, living year-round in the remote fly-in area of the Wrangell Mountains of Alaska and I have loved deeply and been completely dedicated to Pioneer Outfitters, the amazing wilderness that surrounds us and Alaska for half of my life. There was never a question or feeling of any lack in anything that was my life. I was living a life I loved and took pride in and had people I respected, enjoyed and loved around me.

In January of 2011 I was given the opportunity to oversee introducing Pioneer Outfitters to the entire planet through the Internet. To build a website, basically to advertise our business. We had absolutely no idea where to begin. And never could have imagined the doors that would open and how our lives would begin to change with one phone call to HubSpot and through that an introduction to Social Media.

Fast forward to today, over three years later, and I will tell you that every single day of my life has been enriched and super-charged with energy and happiness because of all that Social Media has brought into my life and how it has taught me to see the world around me.

Social Media Madness

I have had the honor and the opportunity to meet, talk with and learn from some amazing humans. I have been humbled and enlightened by so many more. I have learned more than I ever imagined I could about things I had never imagined would be so important to me in my own life, about my own life. I am so much more, because of the world suddenly my reality because of Social Media. Because of you.

Social Media Madness and Mayhem

Do you see what power we each have, here, at our fingertips? Not simply the power to connect with each other, all over the planet; but everything and everyone we could ever need, not to only to help us grow as people, as individuals, not to only to help us grow professionally and in business, but to grow together.

Some of the most genuine or as we call it in Social Media, “authentic” connections that have into my reality over the last couple of years has come from people located all over the world.  You may notice, I am also a Resident Writer for #Bealeader™ at www.changeyourgamebealeader.com  and often speak of Leadership here as well, on Alaska Chick’s Blog.

Social Media Madness

Using #Bealeader™ as an example of what there is to be found throughout the world, is knowing that people everywhere have the potential to do such good for other people, all over the world and witnessing it, the absolute good, day after day and year after year. Why? The reason they have found is that they have something to share with others. Making a difference in people’s lives by providing a living example and sharing what they have experienced.

Nowhere in anything that #bealeader™ does is “Do this, this way, the only way, my way, bla,bla, bla”. The byline over at #bealeader™ is “Leading From Where You Are Now…” The message that is shared with the world is that we are all and each leaders, in our own lives and purposes. We all have experiences to share to “Make Others Better”.

Social Media Madness and Mayhem

So where is the Social Media Madness and Mayhem?” if everything is so hunky-dorey, you may be wondering. It is anywhere you look! It is anywhere you might find a human! We all have inside us the seeds to be less than good. Just as we all have inside ourselves seeds to be so much more than good-enough.

What I would like to remind everyone, if I could, is that we were all taught at some point in our lives what is right and what is wrong. No one needs to make you a list of do’s and don’ts to explain manners and kindness. There are humans in this world that will steal your thunder, they will steal the words that come your heart and twist them into something that couldn’t be further than the heart that created them. There are people out there that will hurt you just to hear your cries and to see you bleed. This is the sad and shameful fact of the world we live in.

Social Media Madness

Yet. The reality is also that there are kind and generous people everywhere. There are so many people who work hard not only for their own success and ultimate comfort and security but to help others to grow as well. To create something today that can be passed onto others to pick up and improve upon again, spreading goodness and hope to become more. This is also the reality we live in.

It hurts! ~ Oh I know it hurts, I know it can cut your legs right out from under you and slam you against the wall. But I ask that you remember just one thing, if you find yourself drowning in the flood of the madness and mayhem. There is so much more good and pure intentions than the bad. There are so many more people who are waiting to join with what is good and right than there are waiting to hurt, lie or steal.

Most of you that already do know me, know that I am not saying you should lay down and let someone kick you! (Oh HELL no!) What I am saying is don’t throw in the towel or start believing there is no hope, for you, for us (humans) or for humanity in the future. Don’t allow them to take the shine off your dreams, your hopes, your work.

Remember this because it is true. You are not alone. What you are doing matters, a lot, to more people than you will ever know. You are not alone. (yes, I know I already said that, it simply bares repeating!)

Social Media Madness

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