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Campfire Chat with Alaska Chick, Horseback FITNESS Adventure

Welcome back to my fire! Tonight, we have a very special Adventure to share with you and I would love to tell you all about it. Our Horseback Fitness Adventure is going to help people change their lives and they are going to have an Adventure while they are doing it!

So many people, from all over the world have come to the decision that if they are going to truly reclaim their own lives from the toxic cycles of diets and gym memberships, they are going to have to escape it first. At the fire tonight, I want to talk with you about why I feel that this Adventure, here in this exclusive and incredibly private area of our Nation’s largest National Park is going to be that place people have been looking for.

Let’s chat! (Umm… I am afraid I must tell you know, before you begin to watch this video of our chat, that it is a bit longer than normal. It is almost 24 minutes long. I know, I know! But I had to tell you!)

Are you still with me? YAY!!

Isn’t it grand? I told you it was! The Horseback Fitness Adventure is exactly what so many people are looking for. To find a way to “break free” of their own chains, to truly recharge and to find that spark of inspiration inside themselves that they just can’t reach any longer. To come home after a vacation for once feeling wonderful and ready to take on the world.

This Adventure is for novice as well as experienced riders and horsemen and women. We match your individual abilities to the horse that will be your companion on your Adventure. The uniqueness of our range horses that have spent their lives in the wilderness of the Wrangell Mountains is their inherent knowledge of the trails and how to handle themselves as well as their rider, in any terrain.

There are more benefits to including horses into the beginning of your new healthier and fitter lifestyle. Horses have a special connection to humans. Their deeply insightful knowledge of what we are feeling and understanding us better than we seem to understand ourselves at times is uncanny. Their gentle acceptance of exactly who we are in that precise moment is something so many people never get to experience.

Horses teach us, remind us, that living right now and fully in the now brings with it peace, serenity and connection. They fill the emptiness that invades us and drains us from living our busy and stressful lives.

Horses don’t care what we look like, how we speak, what we do for a living or where we live. They give us acceptance and tolerate our ignorance. The empower us and allow us to stand up straight without fear. They teach us that body language is as important as any speech.

~ LOL, I better stop here! I am very excited. For myself being part of something that will have lasting positive impact as well as to be able to share that with you. These other posts may help you with any curiosity that may be brewing: