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The Adventure You Need

There are so many different reasons that people travel. Business and visiting family are two of the biggest reasons. What about vacations and the fulfilling pleasure of putting a check-mark on your own bucket-list?

More and more people today are looking towards Adventure and away from resorts, beaches and other mostly sedentary type vacations. Folks are tired of coming home exhausted, uninspired and even having gained weight!

It has been amazing, these last 4 (four) years of being online and learning how to bring Pioneer Outfitters to the world via the Internet. Watching, listening, learning, meeting people and getting to know them, sharing my own life as well as the business with so many people, genuinely interested in our lives on the Last Frontier here in the Alaska Mountains has been a pure joy and honor.


Adventure you need

All that listening and chatting has also made something incredibly clear. We have the Adventure you need. And it is my mission to connect you to it.

As more and more people search for some way to regain control, to slow down the rush and push and to feel inspired, centered, happy, healthy, worthy, capable and exciting all at the same time they are also tired of the cookie-cutter tours and vacations that do little except create the need of a vacation to recover from your vacation!

The Adventure You Need

What more people are looking for their vacations or retirements in Adventure:

  • Excitement
  • Challenge
  • Unique
  • Natural
  • Peace & Quiet
  • Rest
  • Beauty & Inspiration
  • Knowledge & Learning

Now join us on the Last Frontier, in the largest wilderness on the North American Continent, away from the rush of today’s world and surrounded by the beauty of the mountains and glaciers.

Meet your horses that will carry and understand who you are, accept and protect you, listen and respond to you. Help gather firewood for the fire that will warm and relax you, creating the heat we will cook over and drink the icy, pure water that is unlike any you have ever tasted.

Ride through the wilderness with your guides at your side, places no man has ever ridden or stood before. Pan for gold, climb mountains, hike up and explore the glaciers and fish in high mountain lakes.

Breathe in the cool, clean air and listen; the silence, that as you adjust to it, carries the music of the wilderness inside it. The water rushing over rocks, the wind in the trees, birds calling and the earth breathing; the world is speaking to us all. The Medicine Men of old, drawn here by the strong spiritual presence knew and understood what you will feel.

Spot, watch and photograph the wildlife we encounter as we ride and explore this beautiful place. Wild critters that have never seen a man before, never heard a vehicle and has never been fenced in or away.

Experience the impact of the last historic gold rush as you ride by the old mines and flumes. Understand their dedication and passion as you pan for gold in the icy water and lay for hours scraping away gravel and mud with a teaspoon and tweezers.

Remember who you are and all you have ever dreamed of being here, where the challenge is living, simply living with nature and the goodness that is this life.

This is what we offer the world.

The Adventure You Need


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