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Campfire Chat with Alaska Chick, Happy Camp

The night is warm and the fire is bright, come on over! Welcome back to Campfire Chat with Alaska Chick, yes, yes, that would be me! Tonight I thought that we could talk about camp, instead of focusing on the Adventures themselves.

Let’s chat about what we are calling the Happy Camp!

So there it is! Did we do a good job explaining what we consider a happy camp? Certainly, everyone has different expectations and comes with what makes one happy, but we also have our own guidelines and how we lay the groundwork for making your Adventure everything you could dream of.

Certainly, we all have our favorite camps but even so, each and every single one has a special beauty and advantage. The basics remain the same in each one; firewood, access to water, flat spots for tents (some more flat than others, I admit!), places to allow the horses to rest and feed and an amazing view that cannot fully be described with mere words.

So what makes a happy camp? It isn’t really the location, you know. It is the people in that camp. The camp itself, while plays a part and can help with parts of the overall goal of a happy camp, is just a beautiful place. It is you, it is your guide that brings the happiness and ease to that place.

The physical comforts; location, tents, food, campfires as well as the ease of gathering firewood and hauling water all add pieces to what makes us feel at ease and create the happy camp environment.

Working together also adds to any experience and that includes being in a happy camp. Team work, whether it is the teamwork between your guide and wrangler or helper or yourself and your guide and team; happiness is what each person brings, not something created.

A wonderful location, good food, campfires and people brought together through their love of the wilderness, horses and adventure are what we believe creates a happy camp.

Be sure to see all of the Campfire Chat Videos located here on our website. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! We sure have fun (I can admit it!) making these for you.

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