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List Six: The Series Posts

As a life-long avid reader of absolutely anything I can get my hands on, I can share with you the one thing I enjoy reading more than anything else: a Series.

The familiarity and connection I feel for both the author and the characters or individuals brought to life through words over time, chapters and the multiple books that create a series, shape a relationship for me to treasure, like old friends.

That is in all honesty, what Alaska Chick’s Blog is all about. Helping you and I to bridge the distance between us and allow you to know us here at Pioneer Outfitters; how we think and feel, why, how and where we do what we do.

Series Posts

List Six, our final list in the List Series, ironically, is all about the different Series posts that I have offered you with our Horseback Adventures and Pioneer Outfitters’ mission and purpose in mind.

Women in the Outdoors series

Monday Motivation series

International Horseback Adventures series

The Be Fearless series

Campfire Chat with Alaska Chick video series

Stand for the Man in Black series

List Six: The Series Posts

The Women in the Outdoors series was specifically written with women in mind. Touching on many concerns as well as the anticipation for women who are ready to begin experiencing all the outdoors and wilderness has to offer them. There are 13 posts specifically written for this series and at least two others that I feel are strongly related.

The Monday Motivation series is an ever-growing series of bite sized doses of motivation, inspiration and the sometimes desperately needed butt kicking to keep us all on the right path. At this point there are 32 posts written specifically for Monday Motivation to provide a bit of motivation to you as they do for us in the different circumstances as life moves forward.

The International Horseback series began as a way to offer insight into the incredible and historic cross-country Adventure that we experience as we ride from Alaskan Wilderness into the Yukon and as the prospectors did in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s from the Yukon to Alaska.

So much like the famous accounting of George Orville Young’s book Alaskan Yukon Trophies Won and Lost (originally published in 1947), our own International Horseback Adventure’s typical weeklong journey became an arduous 22-day experience in 2004 that left us all believing that was as hard as anything the wilderness could throw at us.

We were wrong as was proven in raw and exhausting ways in 2012 when our entire team fought to return home to Chisana for seven weeks. Most of the posts in this series were written during this last 7-week Adventure.

Be Fearless was the basis for the series that our entire Team here at Pioneer Outfitters had a personal investment in. The #OneWord chosen, #BeFearless, for 2014 as a focus in our individual growth as well as for the growth and strength of our entire Team. The Be Fearless series is the written account of how this focus became a very real part of our personal and professional standards and characteristics, as individuals as well as part of the Pioneer Outfitters Team.

The Campfire Chat with Alaska Chick video series is also an on-going project that takes place between the months of November and April, during our dark winter months and filmed at my own campfire ring. The Campfire Chat videos are a way to make a more personal connection between you and us. By answering YOUR questions, in a short video, from me (or Master Guide Terry Overly or a part of our team along with me) to you, it is a bit of conversation and conversations lead to getting to know one another.

The Campfire Chat video episodes cover our entire lives. There are episodes specifically about the Horseback Adventures, Winter and Spring Excursions, Big Game Hunting and about Pioneer Outfitters as a whole. The individual videos are named for what they cover and they can all be found on the Campfire Chat Videos page.

Stand for the Man in Black is the fundraiser that I as Alaska Chick and good friend as well as part of the Pioneer Outfitters Team initiated in April of 2014 to replace the vitally necessary aircraft that was lost to a terrible fire in September of 2013. These posts are my own effort to share with a world that cannot conceive of a way of life so different than what most can understand, what the aircraft means to the survival not only of Pioneer Outfitters and the families that are a part of Pioneer Outfitters but also to the visitors of this great area of Alaskan Wilderness inside of our nation’s largest National Park, our clients and guests, our neighbors and the range horses that we trust our lives to and count on us to do the same.

We certainly hope that this List Series of 6 lists was informative, helpful and even fun for you. Here are all six lists:

Descriptions of Adventures posts

Why Pioneer Outfitters Adventures posts

Stories from Adventures posts

Highlights (and what you might expect) of an Adventure posts

The Details for Your Alaska Adventure posts

The Series posts! (This one!☺)

Please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below if you have any thoughts or questions that may add to any of these series. I always welcome any chance I have to make things even just a little bit brighter or clearer for you.

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