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5 Biggest Mistakes Big Game Hunters Make

Most mistakes are only made, due to ignorance. Mistakes Big Game Hunters make are almost always preventable. That’s why Pioneer has Alaska Chick’s Blog! To help by sharing what we have learned, to help someone else, avoid these same mistakes, by sharing them with you!

Mistakes Big Game Hunters Make

An average Big Game Hunter will spend tens of thousands of dollars on each hunt. That doesn’t include gear, supplies, weapons or ammo. That doesn’t even include travel! That is the cost that is paid to the Outfitter, that the client selects to help him fulfill his dream of harvesting a very specific big game animal.

Sure, there are tons of mistakes and error in judgments, but almost all of those mistakes can be lumped in one of the four biggest mistakes Big Game hunters make.

The 5 Biggest Mistakes Big Game Hunters Make

  • Read your information!
  • When in Rome… don’t compare it to Africa!
  • Listen to your guide!
  • Enjoy the entire experience!

Read your information!

Read your information! Explore and read the Outfitters website and blog, if there is one. There should be (and usually is) a treasure of information about the Outfitter, the guides, the camps, the regulations and game laws and the Big Game animals themselves, right there, on that website! Tips and tricks to get yourself ready as well as information about the gear that really does work in the area you are heading to, by the people that use it there.

Read the blog on the website! Really. Now, having said that I can admit, I have been to a bunch of them myself… and yes, I was disappointed. (Seriously, if I wanted to read a pile of success stories, I would buy a book!) Usually, on an Outfitters website if there is a blog and that blog is maintained all year long and not simply used as a “brag board” at the end of hunting seasons, there will be a good deal of insight to your Outfitter, the guides and the going-on’s of the world you are heading into.

Don’t be afraid to dig! As the Webmaster for Pioneer Outfitters and Alaska Chick of Alaska Chick’s Blog, I do tend to roll my eyes at the words “I can’t find…” (Sigh) LOL! Well, there is A LOT of information there, so I suppose I can understand that!

Don’t be afraid to click on different links, on the pages, in the posts on the website or blog, they will lead you to more information and more posts! Be sure to look at everything! It is amazing what you may find on the next page.

Ask questions! Call, email or leave your comment and question right on the post! Really! Don’t be shy!! Your question could very well help someone else not make some silly mistake that may mar an adventure of a lifetime for him or her! If there is something that you can’t get settled in your own mind, just ask! That is why we or any other Outfitter are there ~ to guide you along so that you may reach your dream!

When in Rome… don’t compare it to Africa!

Now, admittedly, I have only been with Pioneer Outfitters for the last 20 or so of its 90 years, but in that time I have watched, listened and have come to understand this important thing. No matter where your adventure leads you, embrace it and its customs, not the ones you came from or have visited in the past.

To fully enjoy where you are, you must be fully there. (I know, sounds terribly deep, doesn’t it?) Expecting your experience in and of Alaska or British Columbia or South Dakota to be even remotely similar to an experience you had in Africa, The Netherlands or Texas is setting yourself up for disappointment as well as setting your Outfitter up to fail giving you the hunt of a lifetime.

Listen to your guide!

My heavens, yes! Listen to your guide! You did your research, you invested your hard-earned money and time into your adventure; now allow your Outfitter and guide to do their part. Let them advise you and guide you to your dream.

This is much easier said than done, I realize. To battle your own fears or shortcomings into submission and putting your faith in someone, most often, that you have just met.

It does you no good for the outcome of your Big Game Hunt, if you refuse to use the abilities, strengths and skills of your Outfitter and guides. Follow your guide ~ closely! Sometimes even moments make all the difference. Be honest with your guide, if you are concerned or have a question, say so! Your guide wants to have an amazing adventure too!

Enjoy the entire experience!

From the moment that you make your decision, enjoy yourself! Enjoy getting to know your Outfitter. If you cannot meet your Outfitter in person before your scheduled Big Game Hunt is to begin, reach out and call or even email him or her. Allow your Outfitter to get to know you! It gives so much insight into who you really are, that it means a lot to many Outfitters to really get to share your dream.

Being prepared, simply by talking about experiences and getting to know one another, will also allow you to enjoy knowing that you are completely prepared for this new adventure.

Take the time to look around, enjoy the area and customs. It is another piece to the entire experience. Big Game Hunters are especially lucky as to this hobby ~ they are almost always in some of the most beautiful wild places the Earth has to offer. You are there! Enjoy it all!

Control Your Expectations

This is a hard one for a Big Game Hunter. It is a very difficult thing to do for absolutely anyone, controlling ones own expectations. It is wonderful and perfect to have very high expectations for your grand adventure! By all means, dream and plan for amazing results! However, when you place unreasonably high expectations on anything at all, you are setting everyone involved up for disappointment.

Now, this may sound harsh to read on a respected Outfitter’s website. It is not! It is simply a life lesson insight of wisdom. (Sigh) There is nothing wrong with having the best and most positive expectations, folks. It is high expectations that spurs us all on. But there are even on an adventure of a lifetime, certain things that simply are out of anyone’s control. Here in Alaska, weather is the biggest culprit.

Those are really the 5 biggest mistakes (or oversights) that are made and take a bit of the shine off a Big Game Hunter’s adventure of a lifetime. There are common mistakes made everyday, every year, by one person or another. Mistakes are part of living. Learning from them is the trick.

Sharing them is a gift. I have always felt that any knowledge that I possess is a gift to be passed on. It seems so many things in any life are learned the “hard” way and if passing my own lessons on were to help someone else avoid that one “hard” lesson, well then I am pleased.

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