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Monday Motivation, Be Real

The greatest efforts, the most wondrous feats and generous kindnesses of a lifetime only last for those who understand that to make a difference requires that we be real.

The greatest gift we can give others, give the world and give ourselves is to be real. It can be pretty scary. It can be downright terrifying. Risking rejection, humiliation and the very real fear of putting yourself, the real you, in front of those that could hurt you takes courage.

Be Real

The motivation offered to you (and myself) today is to Be Real. Monday Motivation wraps around and is inspired by what we here at Pioneer Outfitters are experiencing at any given moment, what might be happening in the world today or even what I personally might be puzzling, pondering or praying over.

More than anything and the biggest gift that I believe the Internet and all of the Social Media Channels offers us each is the knowledge that we are not alone. What we are dealing with in our lives whether they are our personal or professional lives, no matter what age we might be; none of us are alone. Others have felt “that” too. Someone else may be able to offer some insight, comfort or even direction.

Be Real

There isn’t a human being in the whole world of over 7 billion people who is you; there is ONLY one you. There may be people like you, but nobody has the perfect and amazing essence that is you. The world needs exactly what you have to offer. The real you.

Be Real

In business and as we learn to be better leaders, we learn all about the need to be authentic. It is the basis for trust. It also allows others to see that you are more than simply a position or a title; you are a real person with feelings, knowledge, experience, strengths and weaknesses.

Everything that has shaped us, who we are, what we feel and how each of us reacts in every kind of separate situation has had a part in making who we are, today. But the reality is right now, here in this moment, living, learning and touching others with our actions is all about our attitude right now. Be real.

Don’t be afraid to speak up. Your knowledge, your thoughts, experiences, feelings and insight matters. Don’t wait; you may not have another opportunity. Share what you think. Be respectful, of course, but share your thoughts with others. The real you.

“Being yourself in a world that wants to tell you how to be and when to be it is the hardest – and most rewarding thing – you’ll ever do.” ~ Oprah

Be real. Be you. Be honest.

The amazing thing is only you can be you. Others can try, pretend and even practice, but only you can ever be perfect at it. Think about what is special about you. What you like about yourself. What you do really well. Then make a list of your weaknesses. Don’t worry; this is only so that you can see them, not to feel bad about. Now that you have a list, you know at least a few of the things that make you special. You also choose to work on something from your list of weaknesses about yourself to make yourself even more of a gift to the world!

Be Real

The only way to be real is to remind yourself not to fake anything. Most others can see through it anyhow and those who can’t figure it out along the way. Fake is simply a lie and lies wont help you share the gift of yourself with anyone. Trying to fake something with the absolute best intentions only leaves you feeling alone. Just be you, be real, that way everything has the opportunity to work out the way it is truly supposed to. Remember, the real you is the gift.

Be real. If there is something you don’t understand or are struggling with, reach out! You are not alone. There are people just waiting to lend a hand or to offer their own experience and wisdom to help you. If there is something you disagree with or have a problem with, speak up! Remember to speak up with respect and kindness, but you can help find a better way. Be real, be you.

If you have spent time trying to be someone other than who you really are, it will take time to let it go and get comfortable again in your own skin, sharing with others the real you. Don’t give up, just keep working at it. It will come and the entire world will be a better, richer place with the real you as a part of it.

Remember you are not alone. Be real.

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