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Campfire Chat with Alaska Chick, Back to Bears

Hey! Welcome, come on over and warm yourself next to my campfire. It’s a pretty night.

I am telling you right now, it wasn’t MY idea to have another video or post so soon, about Grizzly Bears!

The question digging deeper into Spring Grizzly Bear hunting comes from one of our own, the newest member of our Team and an Alaska Guide Trainee, Joe Peyton. Joe is from Wisconsin and way too often for comfort, offers opinions eerily similar to the Boss’s own Old-timer thought process.

Let’s Chat!

Back to Bears

So, what did you think? I think it turned out pretty nice! We answered quite a few questions that had never been talked about during a chat, so that was good.

It is hard for us to agree on spring here in Chisana, although. Most are just plain happy like Master Guide Terry Overly, for the sunshine and the rising temperatures that spring brings. Myself? I would prefer to skip spring. (Eeww, sloppy, muddy, poopy…)

Back to Bears

The one thing we do all agree on however is that Spring Grizzly Bear Hunts are a lot of fun. The fact that we are only after one thing for one client and our entire team is focused on that goal relieves so much of the stress and exhaustion that seems to be a natural part of life in the fall.

I would like to thank Joe Peyton for the nudge into making Back to Bears and his questions along with his good humor in helping put this video together to share.

Also! I would really like to thank all of those that helped by asking so many great questions: Ann Jane, Bill Downing, Magnus Svanberg, Thomas Beeler, Paul Sammons, Agastyan Daram, Randy Bowden and Greg Henry! ~ You are all just awesome.

Back to Bears

Below is a bit of a recap of our Campfire Chat and the most important points that came from it.

The absolute best reasons for a Spring Grizzly Bear Hunt are:

  • The absolute best and most beautiful hides and claws.
  • Little to no brush and leaves to obscure spotting and following Grizzly Bear.
  • Constant movement of Grizzly Bears looking for food as they emerge from hibernation.
  • The still frozen ground makes traveling (riding and walking) much easier and faster.
  • The rivers and creeks are still much lower and as such much easier and safer to cross.

Pioneer Outfitters welcomes hunters of all kinds including archery hunters. Spring Grizzly offers a wonderful opportunity for archery hunters. The State of Alaska has a few requirements for archery hunters in pursuit of a Grizzly Bear.

Archery requirements for Grizzly Bear Hunting:

  • 50 pounds peak draw weight.
  • Arrow must be tipped with broad-head (fixed or replaceable).
  • At least 20” in overall length.
  • At least 300 grains in total weight.

Our Spring Grizzly Bear hunts for 2015 will begin mid-April and continue through June 30th. We have one of the only areas in Alaska that a Grizzly Bear may be harvested each year, instead of one every two or four years as most places are. We have the Grizzly Bear population to support this harvest.

FYI ~ Timber wolves can be trapped (harvested with an Alaska Trapping License) until April 30th. Black Bears have no closed season and may be harvested on your Spring Grizzly Bear Hunt as well. We do have Black Bears, although the population is small because the high numbers of Grizzly Bears.

For more information on our Spring Grizzly Hunts these posts will be a great source of information.

Grab YOUR spot! The Grizzly Bears are here. We are here. All that is missing is YOU!

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