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Making Videos in the Alaskan Bush

As we have become more comfortable in the online world of Social Media and marketing ourselves through the Internet, there have been lessons to be learned that were much more personal than others.

The most personal and most difficult of these was videos. Making videos to share Pioneer Outfitters with the world was a step that had to be taken in today’s world of Social Media and YouTube. Making videos in the Alaskan Bush required that we be a bit creative and I will share with you exactly what that meant to us and more specifically, for me.

Making Videos

Campfire Chat with Alaska Chick are the videos that we create during our winter months, as we have the time that is usually spent with the horses and Adventures we use the horses on as they are happy out in the wilderness during these long months being wild and free range horses.

The Campfire Chat videos are a fun and very informal way to share our lives with you and allow you to be a very real part of the conversation. We chat out by my campfire about whatever topic I am asked to, by those brave enough to ask. Master Guide Terry Overly sits in most often and joins in when he has his own experience and wisdom to offer as well.

Making videos

Why the campfire? The campfire seemed like an acceptable compromise to me, as the world insisted we have videos and I hated to think about being in front of the camera. The lights Master Guide Terry Overly made for me brighten up the dark considerably but I can still fool myself into thinking that I am well hidden in the surrounding darkness of our winter’s night.

6 Amazing Tips Help You Get Started Right Making Videos For Your Blog is the post I wrote for an outstanding pal, Mark Harai’s blog a while back and in it I shared the most important points that one needs to begin. It isn’t a technical post but it is very much what one needs to get started right. The most important tip is both the simplest and the most terrifying: Do it.

The Campfire Chat with Alaska Chick videos begins with a suggestion, from either the audience (that would be you!) or one of our own Team. Most often, something they have been asked or even wondered about themselves. Once we have a topic, I find it easier to write the surrounding post and do my research for the topic before we begin to film.

As we discuss, argue and toss about different points of what we each believe the focus of the video should be, I gather my script-points. Basically, I do not write a word-by-word script for the chat as much as make points on index cards that will keep me on the point of the Chat. These cards are what I use while we are filming to prevent too many “umm’s” ,”derr’s..” and pauses as well as so that I do not digress from the topic.

Making Videos

The most frustrating part of the filming process itself for me is volume. Speaking clearly and loud enough to be heard is incredibly important and Terry tends to have an incredibly soft voice, especially compared to my larger than life one.

Eye contact is another issue we have been having lately. I find it much easier (but never fool-proof) to have someone sitting directly behind the camera- so that I am looking at him, which in turn allows me to be seen looking directly at you.

This is a problem again lately with Master Guide Terry Overly joining me so often for the chats as we tend to speak, looking at each other, instead of you. This is a problem for me because although the chats are for you, the goal is to make them with you, as in a conversation rather than a lecture.

Another issue that I keep running into is a lack of topics! I count on viewers and friends who want to know more as well as our own Team to help me come up with topics for each Campfire Chat, but it is a whole lot like pulling teeth sometimes.

Recently I was asked how I make the finished Campfire Chat that the public sees. I am a deep and loyal lover of Apple and MAC! As such, I use iMovie most often for the videos we have shared on YouTube for Pioneer Outfitters. iMovie doesn’t require a college degree to learn how to use and has a lot of different tools that make using it fun.

The hardest part of creating the finished product is the actual editing after the filming is finished. It is very detailed and delicate work, but the iMovie application is also very forgiving and that is a blessing, although I can warn you that this is a time-consuming addition to your day’s work.

All told, I guess I have to admit after having to be dragged into making videos, it is a lot of fun. Someday, maybe, we will make a bloopers reel and you can see just how much fun it has been.

I would like to thank all of you for watching, Master Guide Terry Overly for being a good sport and joining me as well as Joe and Kaleb for all they have done and do behind the camera for me. I would have a hard time having this much fun without them.


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