The Terrifying Wilderness Trails of Social Media and Business

It is all well, good and right to stand by “Keep the Faith” and to keep to the path, working hard with integrity and passion, but what happens when it all becomes what feels like too much?

For me, these are the terrifying wilderness trails of Social media and business. Give me a cranky Grizzly Bear or an unexpected expanse of quicksand any day and I’m your girl.

Terrifying Wilderness Trails

Terrifying wilderness trails


It doesn’t seem to matter, as it should, where your heart is or how invested one is in providing the excellence of what people are looking for. Honor, integrity, honesty and loyalty are not, it seems, what people really want.

Master Guide Terry Overly calls this the “rat-race”.

It seems through watching and listening to business here at Pioneer Outfitters and doing the same online inside the world of Social Media that what people really want is exactly what we (so many) work so hard against.

People want to hear exactly their own ideas repeated back to them, guarantees of what cannot be guaranteed, confirmation that any job, word or effort put forth was perfection and to be assured that nothing, absolutely nothing will require more than the minimum of effort, money or focus from himself or herself.

Terrifying Wilderness Trails

Admittedly I am in a unique position of bringing online and to the world at large through Social Media channels our own small but historic Outdoor Recreation business. This requires that I take each lesson in marketing I am given and twisting, manipulating and reshaping it to work for Pioneer Outfitters.

The very things, characteristics and values that we begin to learn as children, are written about and discussed like they are new and wondrous discoveries by every online leadership group and community as well as at the very least mentioned by the majority of all bloggers. Honor. Integrity. Honesty. Authenticity. Loyalty. Vision. Kindness.

And yet, if it was so simple and a straightforward and well-traveled path to success wouldn’t more people reap the rewards of the hard work they put into their efforts online? Wouldn’t it be true then that I would be endlessly busy with answering inquiries and dodging phone calls? (Lol, you know how I feel about being on the telephone! ~ evil contraption, that.)

It seems logical then, to deduce that what people really want is to hear what they want to hear; for guarantees, assurances and basically told whatever they want to hear, regardless of what the truths and accuracies may be.

Terrifying Wilderness Trails

For those of us who live by those old ideals of honor, integrity and honesty, living and working in such surroundings as the wild Alaskan Wilderness it is considered unethical to assume or make promises of such things as the wild and free wild animals that roam freely or weather. There are no guarantees involving either.

So. Braving these terrifying wilderness trails of Social Media and business requires that I know and share accordingly exactly what not only what you want to hear but to stand by the online business rules of being both authentic and transparent.

(Come on Grizzly Bear, come and get me…)

What can I guarantee to you, invoking a desire and interest in you to know more about what we can offer you while both keeping the faith, both to what is right and good and to my (our) own standards of excellence and honesty?

I can guarantee that Chisana and Pioneer Outfitters will give your heart, mind and soul something (it is different for each of us) it yearns for and needs.

Guarantee. Your guide(s) will do absolutely everything in their vast and incredible power and experience to watch over you and keep you safe as you explore, discover and pursue your dream in the wilderness of Alaska.

Guarantee. Your horses will take you further, faster and more safely than being on foot. They will help provide you with a comfortable and enjoyable camp that would be impossible to have without them. Your horse will show and teach you things about yourself that you might have never known before or without. Most likely, your horse will delay your Adventure at one point during your Adventure or another; it is what they do, they are horses.

Guarantee. Your guide(s) will do everything in their capability and power to share with you what they have learned, seen and experienced. Your guide is your companion on the Adventure you have dreamed of and looked forward to, enjoy him or her. Your guide(s) will do everything in their power to assure that your dream becomes a reality. Take comfort in that when you feel frustrated by weather, a missed photo opportunity or shot. They will not ever quit.

Guarantee. If you are determined to have an Adventure of a lifetime, in the face of Alaska’s fickle weather, in face of missed shots or watchful rams and alert wild things and in the midst of a sore body; you will! Your Outfitter and his Guides want nothing as much as they want to see your dreams come true.

Terrifying Wilderness Trails

So what can we do when we are faced with a terrifying wilderness trail, here in the Last Frontier, online inside of the world of Social Media or in business?

  • Remember who you are.
  • Reflect on why you began to walk the path you are on.
  • Imagine what may wait, beyond what seems so terrifying.

Joshua 1:9

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

Keep the Faith.


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