The Bottom Line for Professional Guides

The Bottom LineWaking to snow! September in Alaska equals a really good chance for snow. Aren’t we lucky? (Yes, that was sarcasm.) The bottom line for Professional Guides is what we are talking about this week with the Guide Trainees.

Four days of insane winds, two days of rain and snow and now, we wake to snow on the ground and still falling. The snow and fog are on the ground every direction you look. We are well and truly, “socked-in.

Weather Permitting is a big deal in Alaska, but that isn’t what we’ve been talking about. The weather. One of the major elements in a Big Game Hunt. that we, as Alaska Guides, can do nothing about.

Yesterday’s frustration is today’s pout and simmering anger.

The Bottom LineThe picked-at-salted-wound, the heartbreaking truth and reality is, for all Professional Guides and Outfitters is, all the hard work, all the thought and attention, will mean nothing if the client does not go home with the trophies that brought that client to Alaska, to us.

Learning this, understanding this and accepting this single hard truth that any guide, hired by an Outfitter to guide a client, must accept as part of becoming and being a Professional Guide.

The Bottom Line for Professional Guides

No matter who the client is, no matter what the client says; 99% of the clients that come to hunt, the hunter will sum up his or her entire hunt on whether or not he or she gets the game they came to Alaska for.

It’s harsh. It may even be unfair. It is also true.

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