The Chisana News Wire, Issue 5, It’s Springtime in Alaska!


I have been using Alaska Chick’s Blog has been narrowing the focus on what I believe you would ask me, if you were here or planning to join us shortly.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve shared tips with you about getting in shape for your Alaskan Horseback Adventure and choosing your gear and how to make sure it is here before you are!

The unthinkable has happened, here in our neck of the woods. As I was squatted down zipping a duffle bag, I put my lower back out of place.

All’s well that ends well, so they say. After a visit to a Danish Chiropractor in Juneau in the middle of the REACH Academy’s annual field trip, our correspondence school, I was a much happier tourist.

Days later, as I was stretching into Big Toe Pose from Upward Salute, I pulled and sprained my abdominal oblique and the connecting latissimus dorsi.

What? Oh. Those would be my abs and back. It feels like a hungry grizzly bear took a bite out of me.

My first thought, deepest fear? Would I be able to ride? To do my job.

After chiropractors, doctors and techs all took their turns poking at me, ex-raying me, poking me full of holes and scanning everything else, I am finally able to sit here at my desk.


Alaska Chick-letHuge sigh of relief that the State tests are done for the year. 7th Grade has certainly not been my favorite Home School year. Come to think of it, I didn’t think much of 7th grade when I went through it either!

Zach says he feels as if he did pretty well. He feels that he did better than last year (WOW!) and at least he feels much better than he did right after taking last year’s tests. (Fingers crossed)

In only a few more days, folks, the baby of Chisana will be 5 years old! Good grief. One of the first little nick-names she immediately acquired as a itty-bitty baby was “Bella-Rules” and that hasn’t changed one bit.

The new additions!Every single day, I am thankful for both of my healthy, scary-smart, beautiful children. They have both made me and are constantly helping me to become a better person and to come closer to God.

Oh, by the way… can someone help me please with a birthday wish? Isabella requested a baby zebra for her birthday. She truly believes Kantu (her horse) would love it as a Momma should. (So Bella says…)

We have two new members to add to our already crowded cabin. Jewel and Nagatier are the kiddo’s new guinea pigs. Both Zach and Bella are loving their littles while keeping a close eye on Dora.


Are you ready?! Ok. Here goes everything…. My application for and to take my Registered Guide test has been notarized and mailed. Yes. I will take the Registered Guide Exam in December at the Commercial Services Guide Board Meeting. (oh, Lord.)

After putting it off for one reason or another which were all bologna anyhow, (because the truth is, I was afraid) I am going to take the test.

This group of Pioneer Outfitters trainees are going to be more knowledgable than any Alaska Big Game Assistant Guides before them because they are studying right along with me!

Jeffrey Harris joins Wesley and Kaleb in Chisana with Pioneer Outfitters Survival & Guide Training this week. Jeffrey comes to Pioneer Outfitters and Chisana with a lifetime of hard and focused experiences to his credit and we are all happy to have him be part of our team.

Alaska Chick-letNancy’s Say-So …  (CZN GAMMY)

May 28th 2007: Meeting Bella for the first time.

I heard Master Guide Terry Overly’s Cessna 206 circle overhead and my heart started racing and I started running. I reached the airstrip just as the plane taxied to a stop. It took FOREVER for the propeller to stop spinning, and for humans to emerge from that machine!

Smiling inside and out. I waved a greeting to Amber-Lee and Zach, as Master Guide Terry Overly, aka Papa,  reached inside the plane, turned and handed me a gift that was and still is, Isabella Rose.

Bella and I have had many adventures together, stalking squirrels, picking flowers, having tea parties, chasing fairies, singing silly songs, making up rhymes, baking bread and cookies, petting horses and wrangling Grayling, sometimes we just snuggle (with chocolate) and watch Barbie movies.

We have had our share of disagreements and clashes and differences of opinions, only to be forgotten about in a blink. (I am really looking forward to not being out-smarted by a 4-year old!)

Not a day has gone by that I haven’t realized we were and are meant to be connected  I can’t believe how time flies. It sure does not seem like five years has gone by since a tiny person wrapped in pink was placed in my outstretched arms.

On May 18th 2007 Isabella Rose was born… so was a Grandma.

Happy Birthday Bella
I love you

Till next time

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