The #1 Thing NOT to Say To a Professional Guide.

There are so many thoughts running through my mind. I have been completely obsessed with getting this website up and doing some good. While, I am also trying to convince my 12 year old son that yes, I’m the boss and he has to do his chores and schoolwork and be nice to his contrary-incredibly-energetic- 3 year old sister; the Boss that no matter what Major Ed Dames on Coast-To-Coast-AM says, we still have to live our lives and keep on keeping on; and finally the oldest of the “Boys” is acting more and more like another 12 year old with all the pouting and “acting out”, that after a day like today (Landing Page Hell), I was really ready to print out Scott Stratten’s The UnThings You Are.Pioneer Outfitters

There are so many people ready to tell you what you “can’t do”, I think I can, I KNOW I can!that I am afraid many people believe it. After years of watching, then doing, then training others while still watching, I have come to the conclusion that the #1 characteristic of a Professional Guide is the absolute, even driven determination to do exactly what they have been told they couldn’t do. “You’re a girl, you can’t be a big game guide”, “You will never ride a horse again, there is no way you will be able to climb for sheep”. I can, I did and I do.

How? By opening up and being ruthless with myself. Facing all those fears, admitting them to yourself and then the really hard part, out loud. Then, working hard. Learning to walk again was a horrible and painful and even humiliating experience. Finding a way to sit in the saddle and convince my knee it could do this was a There is nothing, for a Professional Guide, like the proud, satisfied, happy client.seemingly endless road of try and try again. Climbing for my first sheep? Well, to say I wanted to just quit isn’t enough. The only thing that kept me going one foot in front of the other, was that voice I could still hear, two and a half years later, “you can’t”.

Scott Stratten’s “The UnThings You Are” came to my attention on Twitter. I am learning all sorts of things from being online and one of those things is Social Marketing. This is where I first noticed Mr. Stratten’s @unmarketing. As I was catching up with the tweets from my twits (this is what I call us twitter-ers) on my second computer, waiting for yet another link in my unbelievably long Landing Page Hell day, not to go where I think it should have been going, I saw @unmarketing tweet us followers this.

“Print this out and stick it on your wall. The UnThings you are. ”

It reminded me, that yes I can, deal with my darling little boy stretching his independence and becoming a young man, and yes I believe in good and right and there is no way I am learning all this STUFF for nothing (!), not even the end of the world! Finally, yes, I can deal with full-grown men acting like children (no cliche’) and being yet another pain in my butt-tocks (as Forest Gump would say), and there was no way after all these days of intense learning, absolutely no way the Landing Page Hell was gonna kick my butt!

So we here, at Pioneer Outfitters have opened the new training session and I am just sitting back (so to speak), and doing my website thing, homeschooling my son, taking care of my rambunctious little girl, checking horses (Ruger went home briefly for his brother’s wedding), checking traps and ignoring all childishness that doesn’t originate in my house, hoping, just hoping, that the next few notifications for Pioneer Outfitters Survival & Guide Training will be young women! (no offense, guys!)

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2 Responses to The #1 Thing NOT to Say To a Professional Guide.

  1. Hey,
    I am an asst guide from louisiana.
    Master taxidermist by trade. Guide for fun. I could always learn more.
    Can I take your course online.
    I love the sheep country. Look us up on Facebook Buckhorn taxidermy.
    My gu # 4861

    • Hey Ben!
      Shh! No, I am not set up to offer the class online (good grief, don’t start THAT!!). Almost everything we do for training is hands-on. Well, come on up and hang out for fun! LOL. I’m gonna check you out over on FB. Take care and be welcome!
      ~ Amber-Lee

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