Top 4 and What Keeps It All Going

We can talk about how wonderful and beautiful everything is and pretend that this is all there is. I could ask you to believe that becoming, being a Professional Guide, living in a glorious and perfect paradise that I just happened to be blessed to find and make my own is simply the truth and all of it.

What a butt load of total crap that would be.

I still believe that being a Professional Guide is much harder than becoming one, even back when you had to work and study very hard to do so as I did myself.

Chisana, the Wrangell Mountains, the Chisana Valley and Alaska are indeed some of the most amazing and beautiful parts of the entire world.

I certainly did fall into luck when I found that old magazine and discovered Pioneer Outfitters for myself didn’t I? There is no denying that. Very blessed and certainly part of a plan I certainly had no idea that had been written long before that day away from the barn and cows.

You all know, from all I have shared over these last years, that my heart belongs here in the wilderness of Alaska with Pioneer Outfitters and all those I share it with.

It is an incredibly hard life at times. Aside from the whims and cruelties of Mother Nature, the most basic needs of living in the bush are both physically and mentally challenging.

So why keep doing it?

Believe me when I say that we all at some point and some with a distressing regularity, ask that very same question. Some of us ask ourselves, quietly and privately when we are rundown and feeling the effects of winter’s dark and some of us ask at the tops of our very powerful lungs (sigh) with flames shooting out of our ears and horns erupting from our skulls.

So why?

Because of you!

When everything goes wrong, and then gets worse, and then it simply goes downhill from there; the one thing that can change it all, really the only thing that can … is you!

There is nothing in the world that compares, on any level, than sharing what is here, in person or by words via the Internet, with someone who is interested. Whether it is in the field after a long and frustrating day or here sitting at my desk.

Explaining something to someone who really has no idea or discussing something with someone with different past experiences, sharing photos of an experience or moment, or witnessing the change come over someone as you ride; these are the moments that make it all worth everything I give.

Likewise, here on Alaska Chick’s Blog, what really does it for me is not the profit from the business, it is the relationships created through words. Knowing that the words I wrote down, pondered over, sweat, cried and torn out my hair over, have been read and thought about by the comments left gives me that same warm and happy feeling.

With that in mind, I would like to thank the top four commenters on Alaska Chick’s Blog for their time, their thoughtful comments, support and friendship in 2014. Thank you. Thank you, each one of you. You have made me feel valued and as part of your own lives.

Top 4

The Top 4

Ann Jane, thank you. You have stuck with me and by me in these last 4 years. You have made me a part of your life and a part of your own family. I don’t know what I could have done without you in my life. We will finally be together, riding together and sharing Chisana in real life this summer.

Betsy Cross, thank you. You are an amazing friend to have. Your generosity, sense of humor and kindness helps me to remember my own mantra when I feel as if I should just toss in the towel: “It’s just life, not a damn Greek tragedy, lighten up!”

Brian Wrabley, thank you. It blows my mind that we have yet to meet in person as it always slips my mind. You are quite simply, just part of our family. Having you in our lives reminds me everyday how important it is to make real connections with people. You just never know when your brother’s sister-in-law’s neighbor’s son’s best pal from college is going to change your life.

Jane Anderson, thank you. Knowing you are my friend and are a part of my life, only a magic wave away, reminds me to keep the faith. I am so blessed, every day with the people who are a part of my life, but I know and have known since I met you that God connected us for a very important part of His plan for me.

And You! Thank you. Yes, you, hiding behind your computer screen, never saying boo. It means so much to me that you are a part of it all too. You are part of what keeps the Google bots happy with us and I will always be here if you ever want to chat. Thank you for reading my words and looking at our photos. I hope they both bring you pleasure and maybe even a bit of knowledge that you might have looked for.

Top 4


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9 Responses to Top 4 and What Keeps It All Going

  1. write the best blogs and ..there’s always a tidbit that hits right to the moment it always seems, and IMHO have from day 1.So Yes a comment. of course!! You every stop writing..I’ll have to come even if it’s -40*!!!
    A flash of fate that brought us together for some reason :) Praise the Lord..!!!I was looking and there you were..and YES sharing families and having you as a friend and confident and sometimes just there for a rant..LOL…! I’ve enjoyed every second of the last 4 years!
    I so can’t wait to just HUG you for real!!! and that and being there is going to be one great big dream come true.

    • Ann,
      We play and joke, you and I, we gossip and laugh together, plot and plan, we cry and worry together… You always seems to know when I need you most, even when your own full and busy life has you threatening to move to the wilderness (Ha! Go ahead, threaten me with a good time!). It makes all the difference in the world to know, beyond any doubt at all that if I needed you, really needed you by my side that you would come. I think back to the first dot com for us and wonder how in the world you found me, not to mention how I could have possibly touched your heart stumbling about as I did, but I thank God every day that you are a part of it all.
      And Holy cow!! Most times, I try not to dwell or dream of that day that is coming faster and faster but boy when I do allow myself to think of riding out with you this summer a huge smile spreads- from my heart to my face.
      Look out Papa…LOL

  2. How blessed I have been to get to know you through online communities this past year. Reading your beautiful prose is like being warmed by a handmade quilt. I am thankful for the connection we’ve made and friendship that’s developing from shared spiritual roots. I shouldn’t be surprised when God knows just what I need – and then there it is – totally unknown moments before. God knew I needed a friend living in Alaska in an environment that would be a dream to me. Rugged, lively, intelligent, sweet, persuasive, passionate, resilient, gentle – there is no way to package the brilliant complexity of you into one tiny life. That’s why your not so tiny life is so significant.

    • Aww! Wow!! How can anything be better than a handmade quilt? You are simply a beautiful blessing. I loved what you said, “…I shouldn’t be surprised when God knows just what I need….” isn’t that funny? Because that is how I feel with my whole heart as well. It is humbling to hear it from you, believing that is some way you might need me too… THAT is significant.
      Many Blessings and much love.

  3. When flames shoot from your ears and horns grow from your head then you KNOW you’ve got it right! I can feel the cold and the work from here in sunny Florida, and it’s wonderful because despite everything you’re right where you belong and you know it. Thanks for visiting me today, gave me an excuse to check in with you :)

    • When I got over to your place, Julie, I couldn’t believe I had somehow not stayed in touch!
      Sunny Florida, eh? Well, I like my snow way too much to lament the lack of warm for such an extended period of time.
      So now that you have probably figured that occasionally flames shoot out of my ears and my horns show, you can see (I hope) how hard your post hit me this morning.
      LOL!! Keep the Faith, yes?
      One thing is for certain, I know that reading your post this morning helped me feel a bit less alone and I will hold onto that when skies are dark next, I hope you will hold onto that fact for yourself.
      Thank you for visiting, Julie!
      ~ Amber-Lee, aka Alaska Chick

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