Weather Permitting


Weather PermittingWay up in Alaska wherever you are,
If you’re headed out close or you’re headed out far
And you’re going by plane you can add (and it’s fitting)
I’ll be there Good Buddies,
Weather permitting.

It could really care less what you’re planning or doing;
An operation, oration, a wedding or wooing.
When you go to the airport, you may need your knitting,
For you’ll only be flying,
Weather permitting.

I’ve fretted and stewed, I’ve stomped on the floor,
I’ve shouted and screamed and I’ve started to roar,
But you’ll always face this, it’s
Weather permitting.

So don’t get disheartened in the far golden north
If you suffer delay as you sally forth.
Just learn to relax without fretting or quitting.
You can depend on one thing, it’s
Weather permitting.Weather Permitting

When the rich folks come with their clothing so fine,
With their high fashion wardrobes and fine French wine,
They’ll stop for awhile then continue their flitting,
Go on with their jet setting,
Weather permitting.

Whether you’re working or playing around
Flying through the mountains or over the sound
In what kind of season your travels are hitting,
I will guarantee this, it’s
Weather permitting.

Weather PermittingIt gets in your blood wherever you go.
So I said to my Sweetie how I love you so!
She said I adore you, come close where I am sitting
And I’ll do what you want,
Weather permitting.

When the grim reaper comes,
I can see it all clear.
I’m alone in my shroud, happy heaven is near.
I’m coming Saint Peter, this old world I’m quitting,
I’ll be along soon,
Weather permitting.

~Author Unknown

Weather Permitting, we hope you join us!

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