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After a discussion with the Boss a few days ago, the subject of website blogs has been dogging my thoughts. Not Alaska Chick’s Blog, particularly, but the entire idea of  business website blogs. A blog specifically located on a business website to share information, news, ideas and to answer questions that people that would be on a particular website might be interested in knowing.

Website Blogs

There are always choices to be made. Rarely it seems that they are straightforward or easy to make choices, when these choices concern something anything very important in your life. When the options have been narrowed down, there are positives and benefits to both.

Website Blogs

A similar situation was our own, over three years ago as we were re-building the Pioneer Outfitters website, the second (and last… so far) time. Should Alaska Chick’s Blog be located on the Pioneer Outfitters website? Should Alaska Chick’s Blog be it’s own website?

The decision was seemingly simple for me. Of course it belongs on the Pioneer Outfitters website! I, and through me Alaska Chick’s Blog, are Pioneer Outfitters. Pioneer Outfitters, the people who make up our Teams, the guests and clients, the animals, the mountains, the land, the hardships and the blessings; all the things that make up the whole of Pioneer Outfitters are my life. I am Pioneer Outfitters. Thus, Alaska Chick is Pioneer Outfitters.

Website Blogs

So here is the problem. Have you ever been to an Outfitter’s website? (Other than this one!) Have you ever been to a Big Game Hunting Outfitter’s website? Have you ever visited the blog on that website? Did you enjoy it and find interesting (and pertinent) information? Was it enlightening and engaging? Did you leave a comment and receive a reply? Was the most recent post written within the last week? Was the most recent post written within the last month? 6 Months? Was it within the last year?

The answer to most of these questions is most likely “no.” ~ I know this to be true because I created this website by doing a TON of research! I searched out Outfitters in Alaska, the Lower 48 as well as all over the world. I created my idea from what I considered the best possible information to include, that others had thought to include AND what I couldn’t find.

Back to the chat Boss and I were having, during which he mentioned something I have heard him say many, many times. “I told him to go over to Alaska Chick’s Blog and read…”

Website Blogs

Why is this? I am asking why this is necessary and so much the norm? Is it because the Outfitters and Registered Guides that run businesses similar to our own typically have piss-poor blogs? Or is it simply something not thought of? It’s right there, in the header on every page of the website! Is it that so many people may not know what a blog really is and is for?

Website Blogs

How can I let the world know that Pioneer Outfitters Alaska Chick’s Blog is a huge pile of information and that the answers so many seek, are right there?

What I am puzzling over now is if I didn’t make a mistake putting Alaska Chick’s Blog on Pioneer Outfitters website. Would it, and through it Pioneer Outfitters, both benefit from Alaska Chick’s Blog being its own entity and website?

The honest-bottom-line here is that I truly want for people who have questions or just wonder something about our lives in the mountains and bush of Alaska, to be able to find their answers. Especially those people, who have these dreams and or questions, desiring the Adventure of experiencing it to be able to chat with a human who can and will share the love for this great North Country, freely.

Do you have any opinions to share on this? Please do so!


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18 Responses to Website Blogs, Information and Interest

  1. “Would it, and through it Pioneer Outfitters, both benefit from Alaska Chick’s Blog being its own entity and website?”

    In my humble opinion, I think it would be confusing? You have all the sections up top here on your blog to take you to info on the website and the same sections on the website. Seems like it would be a lot of duplicate work for you, when it’s already there.
    I’m not sure if that’s exactly what your asking? It seems you have everything already covered, at least to a rookie..that’d be me. :)

    As I’m going Eeeek another place to keep track of when your in the field..LOL.

    • Eeek is right! LOL, actually that was one of the reasons I have actually patted myself on the back over the last three years ~ the choice NOT to have a separate Blog website. Holy hell- it is a TON of work to keep everything on ONE website fresh and correct, I cannot even imagine how it would be to take care of two! (and that, I am sorry to say, is NOT even considering leaving not one but two sites in someone else’s hands!)

      It IS all there…here…where ever. BUT… then WHY do I hear from Terry so often, “I told him to go over to Alaska Chick’s Blog, he said he’d never been there…”?
      Huh. All I can come up with, honestly and bluntly said is that the other websites of Outfitters similar to ourselves get their website up, maybe add a blog, maybe write a few posts… then nothing. All I know is that the folks who fill out the “Contact Us” form to have Master Guide Terry Overly call and chat with them about an Alaskan Adventure / Excursion or Big Game Hunt have not been to the blog.

      I thought THAT was what a blog was for!

      Ann, I want Alaska Chick’s Blog to be an important source of information for people who are either #1- considering Alaska (and us) as a destination, #2- folks who are scheduled with Pioneer Outfitters to feel more comfortable and aware of how things operate and what is expected and considered or finally #3- folks who would simply like to know more and be part of what is happening through what is shared.

      The trick, it seems, is to get them HERE.

      • Maybe also besides the blog button at the top, a BIG ? box/section a bit below stating for lots more info/photos etc visit Alaska Chick..P.O’s manager Amber’s blog with a LInk to it?.short but you get the idea?

        • Thinking…. (good idea…I wonder what Ameena would say? ~ Shhh…she might fly in from France to smack me! ~ She really wishes I’d stop creating those “boxes”!)

  2. I too have struggled with this question for years and finally found a solution. Your best advocates and visitors to the blog are people with whom you have done business. When they come for your outfitting adventures or leadership sessions, have them complete a “subscribe” form to sign up and get your blog posts. They are much more likely than strangers to appreciate your posts. And you will soon have a loyal following of fans who can share your posts with others, thereby spreading that word of mouth magic! For the time being, I’d keep the blog connected to Pioneer Outfitters, but I would indeed consider separating it onto it’s own domain name with a navigation link on Pioneer Outfitters that takes folks over to your blog.

    • Laura,
      Thank you so much for taking the time to share that and your own experience with me. (HUGE sigh) Yes. I have actually meant to begin to do this exact thing- having our clients and guests subscribe… I simply have not yet made it a priority. I certainly will now.
      What is your main reason for considering a separate domain, may I ask?
      ~ Thank you again!

  3. You’ve probably heard it said that if you want someone to know something, you often have to tell them 7 or more times. To me a blog is a way to help people. You share ideas and information on a blog in order to be helpful and also to give people an idea of what it would be like to actually trust you with their business. If you answer a repeat question, link to the other places on the site that are also helpful. Also, update your FAQ’s and other pages to link to the blog posts. A complex website is work. Done poorly, it will limit you. But done well, it will be appreciated.

    I think you should be as helpful as you can all the time. I look for business people who identify themselves and who are transparent. I don’t look for companies nearly as much as I look for people. I think your business blog should remain relevant. Resist the temptation to make it personal, but rather personally helpful for people who would like the help. Business bloggers should keep their personal rants to something personal, but by all means, be as helpful as possible for people in your target market and your blog will fit perfectly on your business website.

    That’s my 2 cents anyway. Mike…

    • Mike Sr.,
      Thank you Sir for adding your 2 cents!
      I do tend to get personal… but that too is who and what we are. I also appreciate you mentioning the complex linking back, forth and in circles- there is much there I can do additionally. I have many, but it is not nearly what it could be.

      I do want to make a positive difference to people and being given the opportunity to share Pioneer Outfitters with people is huge. Thank you again and know that your words will make a great difference to me. (I’ll get on those links tonight, as a matter of fact.)

      ~ Amber-Lee

  4. I may be silly but when people separate their blog from their site I wonder why. You’re right… YOU are my window into Pioneer Outfitters through this blog. I would never have considered in an Alaskan adventure but you make real, safe, exciting, spiritual, personal and so much more. Without your voice to bring it to life, I’d click right past. I for one am glad that your passion, knowledge and love for what you do shines on this site.


    • Alli ~ all I can say is thank you and hope, with all my heart that you know how MUCH your words mean to me. THIS is the gift that comes back from “being there”. ~ Very much in person, right now. Thank you.
      (The other part of me says…) YES! That is EXACTLY how I feel!
      (I keep having internal discussions with myself lately…. “Remember, PURPOSE, not Preference!”)
      Thank you, Alli.
      ~ Amber-Lee

  5. This is a conversation every decent blogger gets to have with herself when she reaches the point of success where people are reading, coming, noticing, pitching, wanting more.

    Remember the branding issues back in the day? You have one more branding issue to fix.

    “Alaska Chick”

    You’re writing as yourself in what’s often construed as a derogatory term for a woman, and thus people are having trouble bridging the divide from one woman whose credibility may be called into question by NON READERS and NON MEMBERS of your community, to a bona fide business — Pioneer Outfitters.

    Because the url is Pioneer Outfitters, you can easily adjust the name of the blog to something more highly professional, perhaps e.g.

    Alaskan Adventures or Up Close to Wilderness or Woman Of The Wilderness

    My $.05 for your consideration.

    • Jayme,
      Yes, I can hear your voice! LOL, I remember “back in the day…” it is still alive and following me around!
      You make such smart points- this I recognize and understand. I took a couple of days to respond, not because I didn’t see your comment, but because I DO know (and feel) your “cents” are worth way more… I wish you could visit, Jayme, and know us here at Pioneer Outfitters in a very real way, in action, in the flesh. Only because I think you would understand what I don’t seem to ever be able to explain… to you, to Ameena and a couple others who I do know care a LOT, about us, about me and about what I am trying to DO, here, with the Blog ~ and really cannot on some level completely grasp WHAT we are.

      Sheesh- I hope that makes sense. Your opinion means so much to me.
      Keep giving it, because I AM listening!
      ~ Amber-Lee

  6. P.S. Oops, was the question whether you separate Alaska Chick blog from the website?

    Egads; absolutely NOT. It stays right here. Read above for what I think you may need to consider.

  7. Amber-Lee, I would never know about Pioneer Outfitters or an Alaska adventure, without your amazing blog! I most definitely feel that through your blog I gained so much knowledge and excitement about what your business is all about. Your blog made every adventure come alive and just getting to know you, made me interested in thinking about what you do for a living.
    You absolutely made the perfect choice in combining the two! Keep up your writing!


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