What Revisiting Memories Can Teach You

So much of what gives each of us our motivation, purpose and reasons for who we are, what we do, how we do it and why can be found in looking back, looking and remembering the moments. What we learned from them, how we felt, where we were, what we were doing, who we were with…

The moments of shared laughter, tears and friendship are what give us our motivation, purpose and reasons. The lessons we might have learned, those moments matter so much. They are where our inspiration and purpose thrive and grow.

Looking back, revisiting memories, into these frozen-in-time moments, we remember the struggle to improve, to endure and to triumph just as we can also recall the slightest nuances of the attitudes of those with us, the smell in the air and the ache in our muscles.

Revisiting Memories

We see old friends and new friends and remember those who are no longer beside us. The most amazing things that happen in nature usually happen either right before you pull your camera out or directly after you have packed it away but every once in awhile, you can capture these blessings to treasure and share with others.

Looking at these moments in time, remembering conversations that were had, ideas being bounced around and back and forth; what we plan, where we are heading, how we will get there and why it is important; these things come back now and begin to simmer and pop as they heat up inside me.

The year is almost over! How can that be true? I feel as if someone slipped a few months out of my calendar without me noticing that they were gone! As always, I am excited about what 2015 might bring, but I am not finished with 2014 yet! Thanksgiving is coming, along with my son’s 16th birthday and boy, does that ever seem just wrong. (sigh)

Revisiting Memories

A few of the important understandings that these autumn months brought to us are:

  • NEVER EVER SAY: “What else can go wrong?”
  • Guides- Never leave your gear in camp- even if you KNOW you are coming back to the same camp in just a couple of days. Never.
  • Be happy, time is much to short to be miserable.
  • It may not have anything at all to do with you. It might just be about the other person.
  • Living with an Attitude of Gratitude, every day, makes even the hardest days a little brighter.
  • If you really look for a positive side, you will find it.
  • When you believe you cannot be surprised by anything, life will surely surprise you.

What have you learned from your journey so far through the Year of the Horse?

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5 Responses to What Revisiting Memories Can Teach You

    • Ann,
      Ahh! There are so many lessons to be revisited by looking back, we simply need to remember to stay in the now. All of that made us who we are. And as long as we are still alive and kicking- it’s ALL an Adventure! Much love and positive thoughts headed your way!!

    • Ann,
      It’s all good to revisit and remember all we have learned and gained, but our focus on it cannot hold sadness, because from there we came here, to be together.

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