When Reality Comes to Guide Training

What would you do, if you held the key? The key to another person’s hopes and dreams. The other person has given everything and more, worked hard and steady. When a person works hard, so hard towards that one thing that the life they live and put everything into day after day. Tough Choices

Work, study, time and an incredible amount of effort into the goal, the dream, to only come up short. Yes, there is also the time, effort, training, experience and a goodly amount of money invested in this person’s dreams too, on your side.

Becoming a Professional Big Game or Wilderness Guide isn’t about hunting or riding horses or crossing rivers or climbing mountains. It really is so much more. It is about people. It is about you. It is about how you relate to people, day to day and in times of stress and intense emotions.

Really? It is about keeping people safe. Guiding, leading, people to their own dream, to experience it fully in a wild and untamed, uncivilized, land and sharing the beauty and awesomeness while keeping them safe. (and legal!)

The curious aspect for myself, as a trainer, is that a percentage of the calls and even new trainees that come to join Pioneer Outfitters to fulfill their training  requirements to receive an Alaska Big Game Guide License, say these words, “…make me a guide.”

We do not make Guides.Reality and tough desicions.

Becoming a Professional Guide comes from inside the individual. The details, the laws and regulations, the experience with horses, quick sand, bogs, judging animals, caring for trophies, can all be learned. Becoming a Professional Guide is first and foremost begins with discipline.  Self awareness and self control.

What of the obligation that comes from saying “this person is ready”? The obligation to produce savvy, experienced guides that have the answers. Guide Training and all that goes with it. Guides that make the right decisions and choices when everything goes to hell in a moment. Will this person know what to do?

What about humanity, compassion, feelings and caring? What would you do if you found yourself in a position you had never been in before?

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