Why You Need Us

The headline sure settles a lot of weight onto my shoulders to deliver. Why you need us is exactly what I am going to try to put into words for you today.

Chisana is a very tangible magic everyone needs to have in or to at least touch his or her lives. Pioneer Outfitters will help you find that magic, safely.

Way up in Alaska, they call it The Interior, what was once known as the “largest log cabin settlement in Alaska” and was also the site of the last historic gold rush, in a fly-in area deep inside the Wrangell and Nutzotin Mountains is where Pioneer Outfitters calls home. Chisana is also the highest community in Alaska at 3,318 feet (1,011.3 meters) above sea level.

Raw, untouched and unspoiled wilderness, the wicked cold waters pouring from the glaciers and ice caps on the rugged and soaring mountaintops, wild and fearless critters roam free in this bountiful and untamed land.

Chisana is located inside of our nation’s largest National Park (well over 13 million acres), the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve. Also designated a World Heritage Site.

World Heritage

A World Heritage Site is “such outstanding universally recognized natural and cultural features that they attract the admiration and merit the protection of all people worldwide.” Wrangell-St. Elias and Glacier Bay National Parks, along with Kluane National Park and Tatshenshini-Alsek Provincial Park in Canada, form a World Heritage Site containing 24.3 million acres, the largest internationally protected terrestrial area on the planet!

Why You Need Us

Pioneer Outfitters; Terry, Nancy, Glen, Joe, Rob, Makinzi, myself and so many others truly care. We want to be a part in seeing your dreams come true, your creativity inspired. We want to share with you all that you are searching for in the historic and spiritual areas. We want to share the mysteries and amazing blessings that are the wilderness with you.

For 90 years, Pioneer Outfitters has called Chisana home. “As we live our lives, we make our living.” On horseback, behind dog teams or riding a snowmachine, what you dream of experiencing, we live every day. You; our guests are the source of the joy of our lives. Sharing the blessings that surround us with you, knowing the healing and kindling changes of Chisana that will work their own magic, is our calling as Professional Guides.

Why You Need Us

Living here in Chisana, year round, riding, hunting, trapping, harvesting and living; there is no one more qualified or experienced to allow you to fully embrace your adventure while keeping you safe.

Alaska is also best experienced on horseback. Our range horses live here, in the rugged Alaska tundra and mountains as wild and free animals. They are surefooted and provide us with both added safety as well as allowing us to go further, and in more comfort than if we were on foot. Horse’s natural and instinctive empathy and understanding soften and heal even the hardest and deepest wounds.

Everything changes,” people say. Not everything changes; Chisana seems to have a different sense of time. Peaceful, simply flowing around, over, into and through your soul, reshaping and smoothing, filling and sustaining as you walk gently over the tundra, splashing as you run through clear and sparkling waters and as you sit with the night’s chill at your back and the fire at your face watching the flames of your campfire whip and dance for the stars in the sky.

The silence you hear when you arrive steadily changes into the song of the wind in the mountains, the rush river and the harmony of the wilderness. The natural cleanliness of earth and sky, un-fouled by machine or man. The absence of traffic, sirens, telephones ringing, people everywhere, doors opening and closing, the tweets, bleeps and hums of technology; it’s all somewhere else, away from here, separate from this place you have found.

Why You Need Us

You need us to help you find what your soul calls out for: Alaska, Nature, the Wilderness and the Last Frontier. Let us help you to find it here, in this wonderful place of peace and ultimate adventure destination.

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4 Responses to Why You Need Us

  1. Girl – LOVE this post … makes me feel like I’m right there!Now, I don’t have a “bucket list”, but if I did … well, you all are right on top that’s for sure!! AWESOME post and pictures Amber!! I’ll make it there one day I swear!!!

    Peace & goodness my friend!


    • Elena,
      I am so happy to see you! Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to you and yours! Lol, I don’t have what people call a “bucket list” either, but this is certainly a place with something very special to offer everyone.
      We will be here waiting, that will surely be a day of joy!
      ~ Amber-Lee

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