Horseback Wilderness Pack Trips

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First, a personal introduction, Master Guide Terry Overly.

Terry Overly is a State of Alaska Master Guide Outfitter. Living and growing up in Chisana and guiding in the area have made the knowledge and understanding of the remote interior mountains first and second nature to him.

With more than 9 decades of Pioneer Outfitters being family owned and operated, living a lifestyle that many people have forgotten, the personal and active experience in the training, guiding and hunting industry, Terry Overly provides you with exclusive, safe and unforgettable Horseback Wilderness Pack Trips and Adventures.

“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.”  Winston Churchill

Horseback Wilderness Pack Trips


 Horseback Wilderness Pack Trips

The Chisana Glacier (around the corner, just out of the picture) is part of the largest sub-polar ice field in North America.

The Chisana River combined with the Nabesna River are the headwaters of the Tanana River which flows into the mighty Yukon River.

Chisana, the English name, also originally “Shushanna” is “Tsetsaan’ Na’ ” an Ahtna Athabascan word, meaning literally “copper river.” (Not to be confused with the Copper River.)

There have been range horses in Chisana since the last Historic Gold Rush took place in Chisana in the early 1900’s. Our horses here at Pioneer Outfitters are range horses that live more than half the year in the wilds of Alaska.

7 Day Horseback Wilderness Pack Trip Adventures  (All of our Adventures are named for the animals that helped build Pioneer Outfitters and are no longer with us to see what they helped create.)

  • Chanook

Chanook is an incredibly special adventure. Three great and numerous smaller but no less inspiring glaciers surround and give us a new direction to explore every day.

Each morning choosing the direction for the day, there is no choice that doesn’t offer multitudes of rewards. One of our favorite destinations for everything and anything at Pioneer Outfitters.

Miles of mighty cut and rugged mountains, secret turns and endless rolling tundra. The sheer beauty of this Adventure is something to behold.

  • Boon Daddy

This Adventure will take you into the past.

It puts you into the mucklucks worn by the pioneers that came through looking for copper and gold.

Riding over and through country that has never been settled and never will be.

One of the best loved camps gives us a base to come back to each night for great campfires and wonderful sunsets.

The famous Blue Lake,  abundant wildlife as well as a ridge walk that will lead you straight back into camp nestled tight against the mountain.

  • Tok

Part of the Bagley Icefield, the largest ice field in the world, the Chisana Glacier is a constant source of discovery and awe.

This area is historically our range horse’s home away from home.

Waking to the sun shining on the glacier is the first thing you see as you wake each morning. Grizzly Bears and Mountain Caribou are frequently (very frequently) seen as well as that mighty chunk of ice in the early morning light.

Wilderness surrounds this camp on three sides and provides days of riding and exploring as well as a ridge walk that will lead you straight onto the ice of the Chisana Glacier.

  • Bo

This Adventure’s claim to fame is Alaska’s famous tundra backed by majestic snow capped mountains.

The miles and miles leading to the mountains, all the gentle swells of the tundra with some of Alaska’s mightiest critters roaming about anywhere.

Riding up to the big saddles, looking down over what must be the entire world beneath will fill you with the sense of fulfillment and satisfaction of where you are and what you are doing.

  • Spike

Spike is our Adventure that will take you into the center of the Last Historic Gold Rush.

The ruins of what was once the largest log cabin settlement in the state of Alaska and gold prospectors as well as the old flumes and piles of rocks and boulders, moved by hand will encourage you to dip your pan as well.

Gold panning and the well documented (and feared) Old Goat Trail is on this Adventure’s list of daily choices.

10 Day Horseback Wilderness Pack Trip Adventure (All of our Adventures are named for the animals that helped build Pioneer Outfitters and are no longer with us to see what they helped create.)

  • Princess

Princess is an Adventure to choose if you enjoy horseback riding and fishing.

We’ll head to one of our favorite spots to fish for Lake Trout and Ling Cod.

Enjoy the days riding and fishing in two of the best high mountain lakes, at a camp that never fails to thrill and relax guests.

Huge bonfires and bald eagles are the first things I think of when I hear we are packing up for the Princess.

  •  Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a historic Wilderness Horseback Adventure.

Follow in the footsteps of the prospectors, see the way they brought their own horses over and around the Russell Glacier.

The majestic Wrangell Mountains and St. Elias, herself, towering above all they surround, both there waiting for you to acknowledge and bare witness to the same awesome site that greeted the first men to cross this land.

  • Skookum

Skookum’s Adventure  is of time and evidence.

The geological wonders and rock formations, as well as the three glaciers and all the wildlife that inhabit these lands is what makes Skookum a family favorite.

What ever it is you are looking for, this is where you will find it. You will come away with something so many people have never had or possibly not even missed.

  • Titan

Titan is an Adventure made of colors, rugged mountains, wildlife and secret places.

Some of these secret places go on and on and there is more to be seen than can be in only 10 days.

Horseback riding up drainage’s, climbing mountains… because they are there, steep shale slides, sheep trails and old Indian cabins.

  • Queen

Queen’s Adventure is one our newest additions as a Summer Horseback Adventure plan.

Ride your horse all the way to and on top of the big flattop mountain. Ride along the ridges, peeking over the edge, watching the funny little lambs bounding and leaping in the amazing way the mountain sheep have.

Fall Photo Safaris

Fall time, as we Alaskans call Autumn, is the season that allows Alaska to brag and strut her stuff.

The air is crisp, with the fresh snow creeping down the mountains.

The yellows, oranges and reds take all the green except for the tall spruce of dark green to paint the landscape it’s own beautiful colors.

The Alaska-Yukon Moose, Mountain Caribou and Grizzly Bears all getting ready for romance, sleep and the winter coming.

It is a photographer’s dream and the perfect time to explore all the Alaska Wilderness has to offer.

  • Gypsy  (This is our 7 Day Fall Photo Safari)
  • Lilly  (This is our 10 Day Fall Photo Safari)

Wild Extreme Horseback Riding & Fishing Adventure

Fishing from lake to lake, covering over 150 miles by horseback.

This trip is for the dedicated fisherman and experienced horseman.

You will also see abundant wildlife, magnificent scenery, and in an area untouched by commercial tourism.

This Adventure is way off the beaten path, riding over, around, across and through the Alaskan wilderness.

Available dates for Wilderness Pack Trip Adventures:

May 3 – September 30


  • Logistical support before, during and after your Adventure.
  • Over 90 years of experience ready to help make a dream come true.
  • Information on charter travel to and from Chisana.
  • Your professional licensed Guide.
  • Professional guiding judgment, companionship and dedication.
  • All camping gear and first aid.
  • Our horses provide transportation between Chisana, camps and daily destinations.
  • Home cooked meals served family style while you are  in Chisana.
  • A well stocked camp for your guide to serve as your cook while on your Adventure (no dried backpacker food served here!).

Level of fitness / Horseback riding experience:

Horseback riding requires a good level of fitness and strength.

Experience is not necessary. At Pioneer Outfitters, we provide all the horse riding experience you will need to make a this trip a wonderful adventure.

At Pioneer Outfitters, we tailor your adventure to your individual needs, abilities and desires.

7 Day Adventure … Price Per Person: $3,150.00            
10 Day Adventure … Price Per Person:  $4,500.00
Additional days to stay / *per day:  $600.00


Children are ALWAYS welcome!
Age 5 and younger……..FREE**

*As availability permits.

**Children aged 5 and under ride with a parent or with the lead guide, not alone.

Group discounts are available for 8+ people.

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