Will Your Guide Keep You Safe?

Chisana and Pioneer OutfittersThe post I read today (3-29-11) on LinkedIn, in a group I also met there, Partners, Good and Bad, written by Peter C. raised a point that falls into the suffering fools category for me and everything I’ve dedicated my life to. Pioneer Outfitters Survival & Guide Training is a hands on effort to prepare serious and adventurer minded men and women to survive, prepare and lead people into the harshest, most unforgiving and spectacular land North America has to offer, on horseback. The thought of leaving someone behind is well, unthinkable.

I do not suffer fools well. I have heard this and been told this from my earliest memories. There are no spots here in the Interior mountains of Alaska for fools. There are no spots in any business I have any knowledge of, open for fools… except for maybe guest spots on a show like the one that always has at least one muscle-bound-hunk and one dainty little Miss America as contestants eating bugs or snake guts on national tv. Fools, in our neck of the woods, get people hurt, can get people killed and the way Murphy’s Law works, the one getting hurt, traumatized or killed, isn’t ever the fool.Pioneer Outfitters

I am the Lead Guide and Manager for Pioneer Outfitters and as such, I come up with all sorts of scenarios and issues for my trainees not only to deal with but to observe how they deal with them. What the reasoning are, whether the decision was right or wrong, (that’s why I or one of Pioneer Outfitters Trainers are always right there), but how the answer came to be, the reactions and emotions and thought process.

The final question I ask myself before I write my summery and recommendation, is would I send my children out with this person? Would I trust them to keep them safe and bring them home safe? After all is said and done, no matter if the trainee is a Pal, or someone I don’t have very much in common with, the bottom line is can that person take care of others, will they and will they continue to learn all that can be learned to allow others to safely explore the Last Frontier..

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