Winter Adventures You Must Experience!

Winter is a big way of life in Interior Alaska. Deep and remote in the Wrangell St. Elias National Park & Preserve, there are Winter Adventures you must experience!

Winter Adventures

First, flying through the peaks of the Wrangell and Nutzotin Mountain Ranges, with their rugged and majestic ice caps against an incredible blue sky, in a small bush-plane.

Being welcomed warmly and shown to a comfortable cabin to call your own. Sharing home cooked meals with one known as “The Youngest Old-Timer in Alaska” and conversations with and listening to the history of Alaska and our own Chisana from one who had part in making it.

The amazing Aurora Borealis, displaying itself against a true-black sky. Bon-fires and ice fishing, snowmobiling and sledding, snowshoeing and skiing; these are only a few of the Winter Adventures you must experience!

Build an ice-sail with the Guides; camp out at temperatures that have to be felt to be understood (-60℉). Learn to trap, photographing the Northern wildlife and wintertime wilderness.

Come play and enjoy the Winter Adventures you must experience; with Alaska Guides to lead you into the Alaska Wilderness providing knowledgeable companionship and the safety of a lifetime of experience.

Since 1924, and then it was with dog sleds, Pioneer Outfitters has been guiding people into and through the wilds and dangerous country of the Alaska Wilderness.

Riding across the uncut snow of the open tundra of the high mountain passes and the great glaciers of white ice will thrill any adventurer. Running the frozen rivers and creeks for miles, encountering wildlife and climbing high ice shoots.

Untouched by tourism, unmarred by man, this great wilderness was the site of the last historic gold rush and was once the largest log cabin settlement in the state at one time. A wintertime experience that cannot be overlooked is the very real look into what the prospectors and trappers of old times saw when they looked out across this frozen land.

Hot chocolate and hot toddies, roasted marshmallows and biscuits warmed by the bonfire. We gather around the big fires after dinner and enjoy the sharp air and bright neon stars. If the moon is full, we may take a night-ride that will take you to a spot that makes you feel as if you could touch the stars.

Come join us for the Winter Adventures you must experience for a Winter Excursion of a lifetime.


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2 Responses to Winter Adventures You Must Experience!

  1. I can’t even imagine! -60! In a month or two it will be 115 F here. Must be absolutely stunning where you are. A once in a lifetime adventure – how lucky are you that you get to live the adventure Amber-Lee!

    • Alli,
      -60 F below is interesting, in all the best ways. Well, unless of course you are required to work with any sort of equipment. (Stuff breaks as easily as glass) Personally, I can’t imagine 115*!! LOL, it is stunning…but as you are sitting right now in one of my most treasured dream destinations, I would have to say the same right back atcha! LOL. Chisana, the Wrangell Mountains, Alaska… they are certainly one of God’s greatest gifts to us all and it is indeed simply breathtaking, but more… I think experiencing Alaska’s Winter is experiencing the actual heart of Alaska. It is brutal and beautiful. Does that sound strange? It is just so raw and perfect- with no trace of human life (where we are) except for ourselves. It is the quiet that cannot be imagined, that such cold seems to produce… and the sounds of the earth itself, protecting itself from nature. It is knowing that you really are doing something, you are someplace, most humans cannot even conceive of doing or being… and with such joy.
      Thank you for being here, with us Alli.. the next time my eyelashes freeze on a blink to my cheeks I’ll think of you! LOL
      ~ Amber-Lee

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