Winter and Spring Excursions

The Winter and Spring Excursions are something incredible to experience and Alaska certainly does the Winter and Spring like no place else in the world!

Off trail snowmobile riding in the magnificent Wrangell St. Elias National Park and Preserve, which is unsurpassed in its beauty, will give you the experience of a lifetime.

We have lynx, wolverine, coyote, three color phases of fox (Cross, Silver and Blue), Red Fox, otter, mink and martin. Some or all these critters can be seen on this winter adventure.

We use snowmobiles to explore and appreciate all Alaska has to offer us on all of our Winter Excursions.

Winter and Spring Excursions


Winter and Spring Excursions

The hours you will spend wilderness riding and running the rivers and creeks gives you the chance to experience the wilds of Interior Alaska as well as the opportunity to encounter and photograph all species of fur animals, small game, birds as well as the ever present, elusive Timber Wolf.

You will also have the opportunity to see the excellent plumage upland birds, including three types of Ptarmigan as well as Spruce and Rough Grouse.

Experience the awesome and soul touching realization of the Great North Country of secluded Alaska in mid-winter. 

Mountains cut into the crystalline blue of the arctic sky, sundogs dancing, disappearing and reappearing out of nowhere, to leave you breathless, again and again.

The pitch black night of space comes alive with the twinkling of billions of more stars than you’ve ever seen before, glowing brilliant white with edges trimmed in reds and blues.

Excellent home cooked meals served family style and comfortable accommodations will set the mood for an unforgettable winter vacation.  Satellite TV is available and hundreds of movies to pick from our private collection.

Photography, snowmobile riding or just hole-up in a warm comfortable cabin- if that is your pleasure.

Beautiful, breathtaking Northern Lights are frequently seen.  Visit the old gold mining sites.  Photograph the Alaska Yukon Moose, the majestic Mountain Caribou, Dall sheep and an abundance of small game and birds.

We are one of the full time concessionaires that operate year round in this Park. The only access into our ranch is by air. We can show you Alaska, the way Alaska was meant to be seen. Wild. Raw.

Pioneer Outfitters  is located in the middle of the Wrangell St. Elias National Park / Preserve, which was rated as the most scenic and majestic Park in the world.

Winter and Spring Excursions

Available Dates: January through April


  • Logistical support before, during and after your Winter Excursion.
  • Over 90 years of experience ready to help make a dream come true.
  • Information on charter travel to and from Chisana.
  • Your professional licensed Guide.
  • Snowmobile and gas.
  • All emergency gear and first aid.
  • Home cooked meals served family style while you are in Chisana.


  •  Price Per Person (12 Days):  $4,500.00
  • Additional days to stay / *per day:  $600.00
 *As availability permits.
  • Children are ALWAYS welcome!
  • Age 5 and younger……..FREE**

*As availability permits.

**Children aged 10 and under ride with a parent or with the lead guide, not alone.

Looking for more information? Look at our FAQ’s and Adventurer’s FAQ’s.

(We are, at this time, working on a Winter FAQ’s page for you!)


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