Winter ~ Spring Excursions of Alaska

Our Winter ~ Spring Excursions are an Adventure that is a “must have” for anyone who truly wants to experience all Alaska is and has to offer.

Set deep inside the Wrangell St. Elias National Park and Preserve, Pioneer Outfitters has made it’s home and living since 1924, safely guiding people into the wilderness for an up close and personal Adventure, unlike any other. By horseback and by snowmobiles on the Winter & Spring Excursions, Pioneer Outfitters Professional and experienced guides are at your side, leading you through, over and to all you wish to see and feel.

Winter ~ Spring Excursions and Adventures!

The Northern Lights, big bon-fires, wildlife, ice fishing, snow machining, and so much more awaits you in Chisana. We would like to share with you the amazing wonder that is Alaska’s Winter. It is so incredibly huge and clean, and all yours. Unsullied snow, waiting for you to be somewhere that no one has been before.

We will enjoy home cooked meals, picnics out on the ice and hot chocolate and toddies around the fires. Photograph the amazing land and peaks that surround you, from thousands of feet in the air after an afternoon’s snow-machine ride high in the mountains. Spot winter wildlife too, as we ride throughout the day, up the rivers and creeks.

If you come with your family (or just want to feel like a child again!), we can spend a day sledding down hills, snowshoeing and building snow forts (we LOVE to play too!). We love every minute and season of  Interior Alaska and would be honored to share it with you.

If you would like to chat with us about YOUR Winter ~ Spring Excursion Adventure, please click on the box below and we’ll chat soon!

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