Winter Wonderlands in Chisana Alaska

Winter WonderlandsWintertime is Alaska, dressed for a maiden’s ball. All sparkles and soft, pure and untouched. The light touches her dress and glistens, it crowns her in a gold halo as the sun sets.

It is bracingly cold. That’s ok, that’s just clothing and gear. It’s like drinking in a fresh day. Icy clean and brand new, without a fingerprint on your soul.

The frost and snow that blanket the world, beckon, the flawless journey that calls to come see, come experience and come play.

Driving, or riding with your guide, your snow machine across miles of flawless ice and snow. Climbing to impossible highlands and heights, to look about at the endless space, the mountains and valleys, rivers and tundra as far as your eyes can see.

Winter WonderlandsThe moon and stars, lending a radiant light to the ground, making another experience, unforgettable. The quiet, in the dark, is striking. As your ears adjust, as your  very being reaches out with senses busy people have forgotten, you will hear Nature’s call.

The ice breaking, the river overflowing out the break, the owls discussing life and the wolves calling to another pack. As the campfire catches and comes to life, the impossible sounds of the snow crackling, as the temperatures drops, fades into a dreamy memory.

The dance of the spirits, the Northern Lights, will enchant you, steal your voice and any hope of a thought as you watch, stunned and humbled, by the magnificence of Nature’s show.

Does this sound unreal? It isn’t, it’s here. Deep in the Alaska wilderness, waiting to be experienced. Waiting with us, for you.

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    • (snort.)
      I don’t have to close my eyes- it is right there! LOL, You’re funny.
      The poetry is God’s work, not mine…I just write it as I see it.

      • LOL..You don’t have to close your’s all your “office” the rest of us…..and well then, your writing of this was God using you to share with the rest of us. So There!


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