With Excited Endurance

To be or do anything at all, in a wonderfully powerful and in a lasting way, it must be done with excited endurance.excited endurance

Whether it is an adventure to be experienced or a career to take to the next level, a creative idea brought to life and reality or becoming physically fit; an individual on a path to make dreams come true must be with excited endurance.

This isn’t to say the steps and process should be done off the cuff or willy-nilly with giggles and balloons (although there is absolutely nothing wrong with a good giggle and some shiny pink helium balloons), but if a plan or the path you follow doesn’t fill you with excitement, then why even bother? And honestly, it is rare that any of these paths or dreams are short ones, and to make it to the prize, you must also have endurance.

Excited Edurance

Today, as we look closer at how important it is for us to be filled with excited endurance, we must also remember that this too is another step in fulfilling our promise to Be Fearless!

To be excited is to be very enthusiastic and eager. To be of or in an energy state higher than a normal state of being. To have endurance is the fact or power of accepting or tolerating an unpleasant or difficult process or situation without giving way. It is the ability to last.

Excited Edurance

Basically, it seems fairly straightforward in anything we hope to do or accomplish. If you choose to do something, shouldn’t you be excited? If it doesn’t excite you, will you be able to give it that extra magic that really makes it all it can be? And with endurance! Rarely if ever, do things seem to just come to us in a blink. We must be ready for the long haul. Anything that excites us should also inspire us to build our endurance.

As a Professional Guide and as a leader as well as a follower, it has become incredibly clear to me that excitement in the one we follow, endurance in our leaders, is contagious and pulls from those that follow, more; more excitement, more endurance, more inspiration and more support.

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Excited Edurance

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10 Responses to With Excited Endurance

  1. It’s so important to love whatever you choose to do and then to show up consistently to do it!!
    Even when you don’t really feel like it!
    I’ve learned that I can shift that resistance when I DO something I’ve committed to do!! And THAT creates endurance!
    Happy Sunday, Amber-Lee!

    • Happy Sunday!!
      Yes, exactly ~ Endurance is something we can build, but we have to focus on it and push ourselves. The excitement helps- a lot!
      LOL, Have a lovely day, my friend!

  2. LOL..You are Soooo right on with this!!! For anything one does!
    I still have all the excitement of coming there to you and sure have had to have the endurance to wait! Ha..see I’ve been practicing this all along!!

    As Always ~*~

    • The excitement, real heart-thumping-can’t-sit-down-you’re-so-pumped-up-excited excitement is what makes things work in those magical and seemingly effortless ways. The endurance is what we need to have inside us when that same excitement fades enough for us to wonder if we (who ever we may be) really are just stark raving mad and crazy! LOL
      And to you, Ann ~ Well, you aint the only one who has been practicing! So, we’ll both just hang in there till we meet.
      Always is exactly what I count on.
      ~ Amber-Lee

  3. Great topic here,

    to influence people requires the person to be passionate about what they do and the people they are around. The desire and passion to keep moving forward sets a good example for our followers, in turn they will want to endure with us.

    • See?! LOL, Dan, that’s what I said!
      (Just joking!!) I seem to have trouble saying what can be said in two or three sentences with less than a thousand words! It is important. That example we set… for others most definitely, but also the standards we set for ourselves, which in turn not only helps make us stronger but sets the habits firmly in place for those harder times. Endurance is what comes forward when we are weaker, when we are run down or lagging- either from internal sources or the slower waiting time when it (what ever “it” is- the goal, the purpose) simply on hold. We need to be able to Stay the Path.
      Thank you for being here and adding your thoughts, Dan.
      ~ Amber-Lee, Alaska Chick

      • That’s funny:)I hear that, at times I have a hard time condensing what I want into a few sentences or short conversation. It’s a skill I’m working on. Glad to comment. I’ll be back

        • Ha!
          I remember, Dan, when I was just starting out ~ I was learning and beginning with HubSpot and was taught that for a “Blog” post I should aim fro 300 words. No more than 400 words! (GASP!)
          Well. That part hasn’t gone real well with me, as much respect and affection as I have for the wonderful people who taught me so much! LOL
          ~ You made my day.

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