Women in the Outdoors ~ Make a Plan

 Make a Plan

Women in the Outdoors is here again! We need to make a plan. “A plan?” You may wonder… yes, what do you aspire to do, when you get into the outdoors?

What is your fancy? Camping, hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, photography, fishing or hunting?

For us, here at Pioneer Outfitters, many of these choices are part of our Horseback Adventures. When you are on an Adventure with us, there is a “no-experience-necessary” policy as your guides are with you at all times.

What was the final push that convinced you that this was a skill you wanted for your own? To become a woman of the outdoors?

Why do I ask?

Well, if your dream is to go on an Alaska Horseback Adventure, and if you have never ridden a horse, you may choose to find a place to ride, or be taught to ride.

This isn’t for any big reason, simply your own comfort. Any horseman (or woman) would agree, even with tons of experience, if you haven’t sat in a saddle for months or years, you are bound to be sore!

If your dream is to walk the historic Goat Trail, like the miners and pioneers did in the early 1900’s, you will want to be able to walk distances. (One of our favorite Adventures!)

What are good distances to work towards? To begin, I would say 500 yards. (Yes, we are starting from nothing.) Then, can you walk up a flight of stairs without gasping for air? When you conquer these two, simply add to them.

Back to us here in Chisana: We enter no races when you are on an Adventure of any kind with Pioneer Outfitters. We ride, when you are sore or tired or cold, we stop. Stretch, take a break or build a fire. We hike or climb, when you are tired or out of breath, we stop! We’ll take a rest and keep going. The Adventure is sharing the goal with you, not racing you to it.

If you simply want to know that you CAN, what ever it is you choose to do, then I say: “Good for you!

There is nothing that compares to doing something, anything, you’ve never done or experienced before and knowing, when it is all done, that you CAN!

Let’s start by using that one. It’s my favorite.

Some of the outdoor pursuits that you may have chosen to master will require (for safety’s sake) someone else to show, teach or instruct you.

Sure, you can go buy a horse, tack and a book. You can take your first ever horse home, unpack all the new tack that your new “Owner’s manual and How-To Book” said that you would need, and saddle up.

(Repeat same scenario for buying your first rifle.) Oh Lordy.

There are some things I cannot “teach” you, online. I wouldn’t feel comfortable. (Nor, should you.)

Women in the Outdoors is my gentle and slow moving series of inspiring you into exploring the wild places in our beautiful world. There are many groups, in many states, that offer women (most have age limits to 18 years and older) noncompetitive, relaxed workshops to learn outdoor skills.

Here at Pioneer Outfitters our licensed and experienced guides are here to guide, show and teach you anything that we are doing or you wish to do.

So, we need to make a plan! What is your goal? Do you have one? Do you want help making a plan? Let me know!

Wednesday Women’s Women in the Outdoors is my series for women everywhere, anywhere, that want to feel more comfortable being in the wild places around them. If you are just now joining us women, in this natural journey, you may enjoy reading more of Women in the Outdoors.

Women in the Outdoors

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4 Responses to Women in the Outdoors ~ Make a Plan

  1. You are such an inspiration my friend. It’s good to know what to expect and where to start when getting ready for a physically taxing trip.
    People have no idea, they think they are in shape until they get there and realize they were sadly mistaken!!!!

    • This helps bring up an important topic and misunderstanding, no matter which way you look at it. Yes, your (whomever you may be) fitness is very important. And! An important, fact, to remember about Pioneer Outfitters, and our horseback Adventures IS FITNESS, and the FITNESS REQUIRED.

      It is tricky to understand. Yes, riding horseback is very strenuous. It does require strength. But, then, so does GETTING HERE. So many people, have to travel by hours, first to come to Alaska. Then, to arrange and meet the next leg of their journey… by arriving in Tok, and flying into Chisana by small bush plane. You and I know, that traveling by aircraft is exhausting. Period. Especially when it is for hours upon hours.

      We, here at Pioneer Outfitters, operate most of our Adventures and Big Game hunts by Horseback. The Adventures and Hunts that are not conducted by horseback, including the Winter & Spring Excursions, are conducted with snow-machines (that’s snowmobiles to you cheechakos!)and with very little back-packing required… and really, no riding experience “Required.”

      Yes, you need to be ready to take on the great outdoors and fresh air, and mount and dismount, be able to function without hands on you all the time…. but! That is why we are here, too. To help. To help you mount, dismount, to take breaks, to take care.

  2. Hey, Amber-Lee! When I was in college I went on a week-long outdoor adventure to Zion National Park in Southern Utah during Summer break. I was in great shape but still manage to break my foot in 3 places when rock-climbing! There went dancing for a while! One of my best friends on the trip couldn’t keep walking after the first day. Her knees weren’t used to the terrain or the use and abuse. We both hobbled back to base camp and had to wait 5 days for the group to return. So sad. But we had fun too. I saw a lot of people struggle with the strain of walking with 50 lb packs over rough ground and up steep and rocky terrain. It’s really important to be in good shape if you’re going to enjoy yourself.

  3. Hi Betsy!
    It is indeed difficult! But only so much as you want it, with us. The horses give us a lot of room to compensate for the lack of ability. But horseback riding too, is an incredible strain on your body. It is a different kind, and my absolute favorite, after a life long dedication to “working out” and “fitness programs.”

    I have long since been a believer that horseback riding, is by far, the absolute best physical fitness activity, over all others. There is no other activity (in my opinion and experience) that touches every part of a person’s being. Mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.

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