Wrapping Gifts and 2013, With a Great and Shiny Bow!

Wrapping Gifts2013 is winding its speedy way down to the wire. There have been many, many blessings come our way in 2013. Some of those were disguised as disasters. Others were “courage-jumps” that required leaps of faith and trust. All are treasured for what they reminded us of, what they taught us and for where they brought us, together.

In January of 2011, Pioneer Outfitters was dragged, kicking and screaming, online. (What?) It’s true! LOL. I know because I am the one with the scars from the fight it took! Some of you have been with us since the start (thanks for that) and some of you (I can see you!) haven’t dipped your cyber-toe into commenting yet, so we haven’t really met yet!

I wanted to share with you how much of an impact and difference so many folks have made to us; in our lives, the business, the Training we are entrusted with and how we envision the world that surrounds us.

Merry Happy Blessed Christmas to each and every single one of you and to all you hold dear to your heart! Many safe and fabulous adventures, much joy and lots of amazing wonders are all my wishes for the coming year. Wrapping Gifts and 2013 is my gift to so many who have helped, mentored, shared and guided me along in 2013 on the world wide web and through the sometimes confusing labyrinth of Social Media.

Below are the posts I absolutely HAD to keep. To study, to re-read, to put into effect, to reference whether I was online or not and those I simply LOVED. ~ These are the posts I have in my binders for 2013. The ones I absolutely didn’t want to loose ~ before I found out how awesome List.ly could be!

  • Off  Grid Survival @offgridsurvival

:  Half Of All Americans Won’t Survive 2 Weeks Without Electricity

  • Jayme Soulati @Soulati

:  13 Tips To Create Remarkable Content

  • Ralph Dopping @rdopping

:  Who Are You? Can These 9 Questions Define Your Narrative?

  • Sandy Appleyard @SandyAppleyard

:  A Resourceful Idea for Blog Pictures

  • Ginny Soskey @gsosk

:  HTML 101: The Complete Guide to Understanding Code on Your Blog

  • Soul Guidance (Each One Reach One & Teach One)

:  How Recent Solar Flares Are Effecting Humans

  • Marjorie Clayman @MargieClayman

:  50 Ways To Be A Good Social Media Citizen

  • LorelleTeaches.com @lorelleonwp

:  How To Add Images in Your Post Content

  • The Official Blog For #Bealeader @gingerconsult

: The Power of Love and Leadership, #bealeader Tweetchat February 14th

:  The Drawbacks of 20th Century Leadership by @RebelBrown For #bealeader

:  Mind Shifts for 21st Century Leadership- Forget the Blame @ RebelBlrown #bealeader

:  The Self Aware Leader, #bealeader Tweetchat

  • Ken Wert @KenWertM2bH

: The Anatomy of Failure (21 Easy Ways To Fail At Anything)

  • Mark W. Schaefer @markwschaefer

:  “Dongle Incident” Proves We Live In a World with No Room for Error

  • Irene Becker @justcoachit

:  Women & Leadership: Ten Critical Steps Forward (For Women & Men)

  • Kaarina Dillabough @KDillabough

:  Give Employees What They Want. And No… It’s Not (Just) Money

  • Blair Glaser @BlairGlaser

:  Relationship Clarity, One Role at a Time

  • Jon Mertz from the Thin Difference @ThinDifference

: Challenge Your Status Quo

  • Lalita Raman @rlalita

:  The Zen of Conflict Leadership – 5 Keys to deal with Conflicts

  • Kate Nasser @KateNasser

:  The Beloved Bully Is Stopping You

:  People Skills Twitter Chat Sunday: Breaking Through Stereotypes

:  Responding With Dignity

  • Joseph Lalonde @JosephLalonde

:  5 Reasons Your Leadership Is Ineffective

  • The Rabbit Way @TheRabbitWay

:  Are You Leading With Rules Or Leading With Love?

:  The River of How

: Leading People’s Hearts

:  Living A Life Worth Dying For

:  Unstoppable Like A Spartan

:  What My Grandmother Taught Me About Servant Leadership

:  Following Back on Twitter Should Be About Politeness or Integrity?

: What Exactly Is Tash Doing Right?

:  Ryan Coelho is Doing Things Right!

:  Leaders, Fleas and the Glass Jar

  • Sonia Simone ‏@soniasimone

:  Is Your Tribe Holding You Down?

  • Jonathan Morrow @JonMorrow

:  On Dying, Mothers and Fighting For Your Ideas

  • Mark Hermann

: An Open Letter To All The Bloggers Cluttering The Web With Forgettable Content

  • Jim Connolly @JimConnolly

:  Marketing You: The Key to Building a Great Business

  • Mike Myatt @mikemyatt

:  6 Ways To Conqure Leadership Pressure

  • Beth Hayden @bethjhayden

:  56 Ways To Market Your Business on Pinterest

:   The State of Pinterest: What Content Marketers Need To Know Now

  • Susan Mazza (Random Acts Of Leadership) ‏@SusanMazza

:  How To Get Past Conversational Smoke and Mirrors

  • Angie Mozilo (I AM Woman Enough!) @IAmWomanEnough

:  The “Happiness” Fallacy

  • Elli St. St. George Godfrey @CathyWebSavvyPR

:  Managing The Business Owner:  What Do You Want?

  • Dan Wilkerson @notdanwilkerson

:  INFOGRAPHIC: The Ultimate Complete Final Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet

  • Rebel Brown ‏@RebelBrown

: Breakout Strategies For Business, Marketing and …

  • Carla Young @CarlaYoung

:  Hate Writing Headlines? 28 Fill-In-The-Blank-Headlines

(on About.com)

  • F. John Reh @fjohnreh

:  What Is A Leader

  • Susan M. Heathfield @SusanHeathfield

:  Leadership Values and Ethics

:  Core Values Are What You Believe

  • Beverly Flaxington @BevFlaxington

:  6 Steps to Confident Presenting for Leaders

  • Michael Hyatt @MichaelHyatt

:  Leadership and the Law of Replication

  • Walter H. Groth

:  On Commitment

  • Mark Harai @Mark_Harai

:  Do Work That Matters On The Social Web

  • John Bossong @JohnBossong

:  How Do Leaders Know Who Is Loyal

  • Robin Budd

:  How To Create Pinterest Images That People Love To Pin: 7 Pinterest Tips

  • Frank Chimero @fchimero

:  What Screens Want

  • Dino Dogan @dinodogan

:  The Anatomy of a Campaign Post

  • Brian Hawkins @csc4u

:  10+ Types Of Blog Posts That Your Readers Will Love

  • Sean Glaze ‏@leadyourteam

:  12 Most Exalting Phrases Leaders Share With Their Teams

  • James Ferris

:  FIVE KEY Questions If You Want To Go To Mars

  • CASUDI (Caroline Di Diego) @CASUDI

:  Would You Make It On Mars?

  • Judy Lee Dunn @JudyLeeDunn

:  Straw into Gold: 5 Blogging Lessons from Rumpelstiltskin

What I read to stay sane, every day (or at least every post!)

  • What People Who Are Smarter Than I Am Saying
  • Gapingvoid

We all know, those of us online working, that our lives couldn’t possibly run as smoothly as they do (it’s all relative!) without the help of certain Apps and Social Media tools.

Apps and Tools I couldn’t live without!

  • Pinterest ~ Inspiration
  • Buffer ~ Thanks, guys!
  • Commun.it ~ AWESOME!!
  • Twitter ~ Where did all my late-night pals go? L
  • Face Book ~ Please STOP changing everything!
  • Linked In ~ Connections, connections, connections!
  • PicMonkey ~ I love you!
  • Triberr ~ I love Triberr a whole BUNCH more than I love most of the Tribes. Sigh.
  • List.ly ~ WOW!! I’m diggin’ it, are you?
  • YouTube ~ I’m still feeling my way around here, but finally jumped in!

I don’t really know about the rest of the online world, but I will try out anything that sounds smart and interesting. However, that doesn’t mean I’ll stick with something that makes no sense.

So this is what I ditched:

  • Google+ ~ Too much “NOISE”, too much stuff just dumped and abandoned.
  • HootSuite ~ Ahh, well, it is priceless when I am in the field but kind of over-kill when I am sitting here.
  • Flickr ~ WTF, seriously. It was great. Now it is not.

Now, before I wrap up this end-of-the-year list, I have to remind you that I didn’t discover the joys of List.ly until about April when I began my first list, Mind-Blowing Thoughts. These were the posts that hit me like a smack in the face ~ new and fabulous ways to look at or solve a problem or simply ways I could see I needed to work on and improve in my own life and self. I hope you will check them out too!

[listly id=”3G0″ layout=”gallery”]

~ And finally (if you are still here!), I would like to say, thank you, to you all, for being such a part of my life.

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14 Responses to Wrapping Gifts and 2013, With a Great and Shiny Bow!

    • LOL! It sure lists out like a down pour of information and humans, doesn’t it?
      But you know, I have each of these posts for a reason. Each one has helped me a better me, whether in business or personally; they could do the same for others too! Besides, my Momma taught me to say Thank you!
      THANK YOU, Ann. For all you are, for all you do.
      ~ Amber-Lee

  1. Thank you so much for including me on your gift list; virtual thank you gifts are so much better for the environment. Also the gift of communication and engagement lasts all year long.

    Happy holidays to all at PO


    • Caroline,
      It has been an honor to learn from you and your experiences since meeting you through #bealeader.
      LOL, indeed they are but I do so enjoy choosing, wrapping and giving the things and what-nots too!
      But you are very correct, there is nothing that compares, I have discovered, to meeting and creating relationships with folks ~ we all have so much to offer each other through our own experiences and wisdom. I have come to treasure each engagement I have online.
      Merry Happy and Blessed Christmas and Holiday Season to you and all you hold dear too!
      ~ Amber-Lee

  2. Holy cannoli! What an incredible list! I’m definitely saving this in my favourites! Thanks for including one of my posts in this as well…I’m honoured :) Bless you and all the best to you in 2014! Cheers!

  3. You are always the best at gift giving, AL. All of your posts are gifts; I’m glad I gave you one or two.

    WHAT? You have up G+? You abandoned our G+ Bloggers’ Unite community and didn’t tell me? Secret: Yeah, me, too.

    Happiest Christmas, Girlfriend!

    • Jayme…
      This year it’s gonna be a bit lean… but it is the love, right? And My heart is close to bursting with love for you and so many others who have helped me so much become more of who I hope to be. ~ I am well aware that this post and the lists are outrageous in length, but hey- I keep what is important! I had to tell you and everyone else that you (and they) HAD made a difference. Sometimes… sometimes, hearing that comes exactly at the time when things are so hard to keep going with… if anyone that finds one of you through this and can feel as if I did, as I saved each of those posts, then THAT is a Pay-it-Forward, of sorts, don’t you think?
      LOL! I didn’t EXACTLY COMPLETELY abandon G+, but yeah, there is no point if folks aren’t going to get to know one another…
      My little Alaska Chick-let says to me last night, “Momma don’t worry, I told Santa you would need his help with Christmas this year, he’ll help you!” ~ You can imagine my heart ache and state of mind still this morning… and yet, do you know what this morning brought?
      Love in the way that only friends can offer, love in words, love in prayers.
      My heart feels strong again.
      YOU are part of that.

  4. Hey, maybe next year, you’ll beef up the comment section over here, eh?

    Get like Livefyre or CommentLuv Pro or something? Then I can for sure see when you answer me … like never.

  5. I’m almost to that point with Flickr. It was great at one point, now the load times and sorting are horrendous. Too bad they provide a wealth of images in the creative commons.

    • LOL! Joseph! I wondered if anyone else had felt the HUGE change in Flickr!
      I hope you know how I value your posts, each one.
      YOU have made a huge difference in my life!

  6. Wow, Amber. Thanks for the heads up. I didn’t know that your were still a reader of my blog. Thank you for including me! I’ve been keeping track of you online and you are doing wonderful things. Thanks, too, for this list. What great resources here.

    • Hi Judy!! Of course I do! LOL, I know a great thing (and human) when I find one!
      I do read your posts!! I simply haven’t added my two cents in ages because I am absorbing so much, all the time now! I keep a close eye on so many folks that I trust and rely on to keep me on the right path!
      Merry Christmas to you and yours!!

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