You, Alone. Can you concieve of it?

The Moon watches over us in the dark.Have you ever been in the dark? The dark black of night, no city lights, no eerie glow of smog reflecting the lights.

Pure, unbroken night. No flash of headlights slicing through the black, your hand, undetectable only inches from your face.

Have you ever heard the true quiet? The quiet that nearly roars in your ears. No hum of electricity, no sounds of humans, at all.

Have you ever traveled for days and not seen another human being? Miles after miles of nothing that claims a human presence was there before you.

Have you ever known, deep inside yourself, if everything around you were to vanish, everything, gone in an instant, and it were only you, that you would, even could, survive?

That’s the question, isn’t it?

Ready to find out?

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2 Responses to You, Alone. Can you concieve of it?

  1. I can honestly say I have not experienced that kind of quiet, or a darkness without city lights. It sounds amazing though.

    • (Sigh. I wish folks with emails like yours would leave me a human name! LOL)
      ~ I like the way you worded your comment. I would bet many folks have NOT… It IS amazing, and it isn’t always acceptable to some folks. They have been infused with so much noise and artificial light that it is too disturbing for them to handle… BUT, if they hold on, let it gently soak in and acclimate, it truly is a refreshing, inspiring (it is absolutely amazing what already lives inside you that is smothered by the “noise”) and insightful.
      Thank you for stopping by!

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