Your Fitness Adventure

Fitness AdventureNo joking! We have been talking about this Adventure for a long time. A Fitness Adventure. For you, a horseback adventure in the remote wilderness of Alaska, focused on your fitness and to help your fitness goals get off to a grand beginning.

Fitness is a major concern and topic world-wide. Fitness and weight loss has always been a problem, concern and even obsession for me.

Is your fitness level holding you back from Adventures you dream of?

I come from a long line of people with “weight problems.” I’ve tried all diets, used all the machines and become an expert on aerobic and weight lifting regimes over the years. Some were fun, some were not so much, all of them failed.

I will be 42 years old this year. (sheesh.) My entire life has been a long unending fight with my weight. What works? What really works? What really works well?

Horseback riding. A lot of horseback riding. Horseback riding in the wilderness, to travel unexplored, unblemished land. Hours of it. Walking, trotting, running, for hours at a time. Your body staying warm, in the Alaska air.

Weight loss, muscle tone, correct posture, confidence and endurance. These are all benefits of horseback riding.

Your Fitness Adventure

Your Fitness Adventure with range horses.With Pioneer Outfitters at your side the entire way, your Fitness Adventure begins when you step off the plane onto our airstrip in the remote interior of Alaska.

For experienced horsemen and women to the most inexperienced riders, the physical, mental and emotional benefits are outstanding.

Join in with your Guides as they stretch and limber their bodies up every morning and to get the kinks out every evening. Eat real food, fresh foods, and know for a fact that every bite is turning into pure energy as you travel by horseback up hills and down through gullies, across rivers and over tundra.

The licensed Professional Alaska Guides of Pioneer Outfitters will guide you safely throughout your entire fitness Adventure. Your guide will be with you through some of the most inspiring and beautiful land in the world.

As your body is strengthened by hours in the saddle, riding Pioneer Outfitters range horses, your heart and soul feel the change as well.

Fitness AdventureThe land we will travel with these sure-footed horses fills you with wonder and awe at the untouched beauty of the Wrangell St. Elias National Park and Preserve.

Snow capped mountains and glacial rivers, blue lakes and high mountain fishing. Gold panning and abundant wildlife to observe and photograph. Climbing, hiking and exploring the mighty glaciers and riding through age-old forests and over miles of colorful tundra.

You may not even notice the change, as it happens to you, amidst the magnificent Wrangell Mountains. You may not notice as your body adjusts to your horse and saddle, as you become “partners” with your horse.

Your confidence will grow as you understand more about the horses and the land you travel. Your heart and soul will hear all the ages of whispers left here and they will fill with joy and acceptance as they renew themselves away from the noise of civilization.

Your Fitness Adventure awaits you here, in Chisana with Pioneer Outfitters.

Fitness AdventureYou will feel the sincere desire to share with you all that is here, with our guides to help you and to watch over you and yours to assure your safety.

Young or old, experienced or inexperienced, all that come will remember always the Adventure with Pioneer Outfitters as the one that really made a difference in their lives.

Call now, and book your Fitness Adventure with Pioneer Outfitters, begin with the Adventure that will change your life.

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  1. Having done this and lived in Chisana myself working as an assistant guide back the 1980’s i can personally attest to the fact that 10 hours out on the trail during Pioneer Outfitters Adventures will whip anyone into shape and you will have the time of your life doing it.. It is and Adventure of a LIFETIME.

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